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  • Also it speaks for the paranoia of militant Prussianism.

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  • I once was so bold as to propose that paranoia and dementia praecox could be classed together under the common name of paraphrenia.
  • The hall took him and the groom grappled with the bride, embracing her with that rudimentary paranoia which lawful passion comports.
  • Rarely will you see a policeman so indiscreet as to allege publicly that some major employer in his state or city has succumbed to paranoia and gone off the rails.
  • The types of paranoia are described according to their content as: megalomania, the mania of persecution, eroto mania, mania of jealousy, etc.
  • It is indeed a frequent symptom in paranoia and other insanities that the patient who feels abnormal organic sensations and abnormal unaccountable impulses interprets them as influences of a distant enemy.
  • In the beginning we did not know that paranoia and dementia praecox are, in their fully developed phases, inaccessible, and we were justified in trying out our method on all kinds of conditions.

Definition of Paranoia

A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution, conspiracy and perceived threat against the person, often associated with false accusations and general mistrust of others | Extreme, irrational distrust of others.
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