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How To Use Parcelling In A Sentence?

  • Ostensibly you are dividing up the great estates, but actually you are parcelling them out and charging rent.
  • If it avoid the parcelling of virtue into a number of imperfect and sometimes contradictory parts, it does so only to present a bare negation.
  • The Bishop went swiftly among them, where already mothers were drawing family groups aside and parcelling out the doles of food.
  • The too frequent practice of parcelling out common lands, and large estates, originally beneficial in itself, has produced similar consequences in other states.

Definition of Parcelling

(Britain) present participle of parcel | (nautical) One of the long, narrow slips of canvas daubed with tar and wound about a rope like a bandage, before it is served; used also in mousing on the stays, etc.
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