Pardon In A Sentence

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  • Condescend to pardon this senseless fellow.
  • Please pardon my long silence.
  • She begged my pardon for troubling me.
  • Iemon, pardon the intrusion.
  • I was moved to crave her pardon and come away.
  • When no injury results, pardon follows.
  • But wilt thou pardon me, father?
  • Mr. Vincent will pardon us.
  • Repenting meant buying a letter of pardon from the Pope.
  • I beg your pardon for what I said a moment ago.
  • Not till I returne, pardon me.
  • My father, I entreat you pardon me!
  • They pardon me, for all men bless Each childish memory.
  • I humbly beg the pardon of Mademoiselle Sophonisba!
  • You must pardon me, Mr. Lisner, if I seem unsympathetic.
  • I ax your pardon for spakin' disrespectful to ye.
  • The Squire will pardon my saying that it was a very different thing.
  • God pardon my dear husband, he Doth not in truth act well by me!
  • In the same way sun, dawn, heaven, soma, and earth are implored to pardon sin.
  • I doe, and, father, pardon my misdeedes Of disobedience and unthankfullnesse.
  • But I beg Jane's pardon for smothering her answer.
  • Ye'll pardon what I said when I first coomed up.
  • Full measure I might hope to win Of pardon then for every sin.
  • He shall find me an easy father; fit To know, and apt to pardon his offenses!
  • Nay brother, sister, all shall pardon me, Before ile sell my selfe to penurie.
  • At last I should turn to go, open the door, but, no, pardon me!

How To Use Pardon In A Sentence?

  • When he has had time to recover himself, he will ask pardon of each and all of you.
  • The offence previously known, the acceptance of service is a pardon for crimes.
  • We will pardon them the want of books, of arts, and even of the gentler virtues.
  • What does the Bible say about faith being assurance of pardon and everlasting life?
  • I will read it to you now, if you will pardon my awkward translating of the French original.
  • The Furies chased him for many years through the world until at last he found pardon and peace.
  • Then fast and pray, and see if thou canst winne, A goodlie pardon for thy hainous sinne.
  • I pray your Reverence to pardon me and commend me to God, for indeed what I desire is necessary.
  • If his administrative justice had not stood in the way, the offer of pardon to the sinner would have cost him merely a word.
  • Presently, there were days when she could not keep up the pretence, and then she said her head ached and she begged my pardon for the liberty.
  • They encouraged the common man to believe that the purchase of a papal pardon would assure him impunity without any real repentance on his part.
  • The Moro has returned today with a letter from the queen and all the stronghold, in which they beg pardon and humiliate themselves.
  • I could ask Mary's pardon for it on my knees, and humble myself in the dust before her.
  • May the reader take these remarks for what they are worth, and pardon the errors into which I have surely fallen.

Definition of Pardon

(transitive) To forgive (a person). | (transitive) To refrain from exacting as a penalty. | (transitive, law) To grant an official pardon for a crime.
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