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  • Left her paring spuds.
  • Such a sorting and paring and chopping of apples!
  • Make it by paring a piece of white castile soap round.
  • Mother Wolf was paring apples for mince meat.
  • She dropped the potato she was paring and crossed to the well.
  • I fling the unbroken paring o'er my head.
  • It is much more serviceable than a hatchet for trimming and paring work.
  • When boiling add 3 large, grated quinces, after paring them.
  • Gabby Pete dropped his paring knife and potatoes in surprise.
  • The same evil follows, though to a less extent, excessive paring of the sole.

How To Use Paring In A Sentence?

  • Little girls often help about the dwelling by paring camotes for the forthcoming meal.
  • In the latter case paring becomes necessary as an exploratory means to diagnosis.
  • This paring will discover any pebbles larger than a pea that may have remained in the clay.
  • Do not be afraid of paring a skin too thin so long as you stop at the roots of the hair.
  • Take off a thick paring from the outside, and boil the turnips gently for an hour and a half.
  • Sometimes, however, the paring down is left until the wall is finished and dry.
  • Mary Rose stopped paring potatoes for supper to look at her aunt with admiration.
  • Cutting or paring the nails of the hands or feet on a Friday or Sunday, is very unlucky.
  • In some cases of this description the knife in the act of paring comes into contact with the cause of the trouble.
  • The first of these objects is to be arrived at by paring down the horn in a funnel-shaped fashion over the seat of the prick.
  • In every instance paring of the sole should be discouraged, as it serves but to increase the deformity.
  • In such instances paring may often be commenced over the exact position of suppuration as previously ascertained by percussion.
  • By this unequal paring of the toe and the heels greater weight is thrown upon the posterior half of the foot.
  • In the case of a moist corn the paring should be stopped immediately the true nature of the injury has made itself apparent.
  • The material is allowed to project each side an inch or so beyond the stone base to allow for paring down afterwards.
  • He was paring an apple with a penknife, and dropping the peelings with careful accuracy through a crack in the floor of the platform.
  • She told them that she would interest them in her business, and pay them a sou a day to assist her in paring her vegetables.
  • In the latter case, the veterinary surgeon must not be content with confining his paring operations to one spot.
  • When evidence of a previous opening upon the coronet is plain, then it is not considered wise to attempt a paring of the sole.
  • After the bath is the time for paring the toe-nails, as they are so much softer and more pliant after having been immersed in warm water.
  • The fitting of the shoe is, perhaps, to a greater extent responsible for the causation of corn than is the paring we have just described.
  • Prepare some lemons, by paring off the yellow rind very thin, and cutting it into slips of uniform size and shape.
  • When dealing with suppurating corn, then, a considerable paring away of the horn of the sole becomes a matter of necessity.
  • To my surprise they did not seem to have seen it at all: Burrows was paring his nails with a small penknife.
  • For, in paring, we lose a portion of the richest part of the potato, as in the case of paring the apple.
  • An apple is peeled all in one piece, and the paring swung three times round the head and dropped behind the left shoulder.
  • The soles were covered with normal horn, but I did not resort to paring to see if they were affected.
  • We have been very busy paring apples; and besides that we have a lot of fruit in jars that we are going to take home to Buffalo.
  • A moderate paring may, however, be indulged in, say, to about one-half the estimated thickness of the sole.
  • If we have sinn'd in paring down a name, All civil, well-bred authors do the same.

Definition of Paring

present participle of pare | A fragment or shaving that has been pared. | The cutting off of the surface of grassland for tillage.
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