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How To Use Parlance In A Sentence?

  • In common parlance men speak of those whom they honour and love as 'coming first' with them.
  • Common parlance instinctively calls understanding judging; judging requires a certain standard.
  • In the parlance of the man in the street, we all "take off our hats" to this valiant country.
  • That snug little, tight little island is what you might call in athletic parlance 'muscle bound'.
  • The soft twilight was battening down the hatches of the day, to drop into the parlance of the locality.
  • Then we have what is termed in common parlance a change in the weather, or, more properly in this case, a change in the season.
  • He had been outpointed in some and had broken even in others; but only once had he been "railroaded into dreamland," to use the parlance of the game.
  • In the Anglo-African parlance of the Coast fetiches are called by various names, but all signify the same thing.
  • In architectural parlance the cornice is the horizontal molded projection crowning a building, especially the uppermost member of the entablature of an order, surmounting the frieze.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Parlance | Parlance Sentence

  • Deh parlance chiĆ¹ chiaro.
  • About little Kirsten much parlance they hold.
  • In conjugal parlance Concession is another name for Duty.
  • The journalists were holding agitated parlance with the boy messengers.
  • There are twelve months, and in common parlance only seven planets.

Definition of Parlance

A certain way of speaking, of using words, especially when it comes to those with a particular job or interest. | (archaic, rare) Speech, discussion or debate.
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