Parleying In A Sentence

Definition of Parleying

present participle of parley | The act of one who parleys.

How To Use Parleying In A Sentence?

  • After much parleying he succeeded in effecting a trade, but had to pay down a handsome price.
  • As they approached the lighted library, they could see a servant parleying with the Japanese.
  • After thus parleying with himself, Gottlob began to struggle to make his way from the court.
  • A threatening attorney shakes his fist at the villakin where at the window the wit is parleying with him.
  • There was no parleying with the insistence of his pale, drawn face and his fingers playing in nervous tension on the table edge.
  • Dorrimore, intent upon parleying with the waggoner, had either not heard the smash or had attributed the cause to anything but the real one.
  • Sam was out, the young servant said when we got there, and while parleying with her Mrs. Parslet opened her sitting-room door.
  • But after many conflicting stories as to what would be done and much parleying on the part of the recommending power, who said that there was none in the regiment qualified for the promotion.
  • A couple of minutes later they had rung the bell at the private door of the shop, and were parleying with a sleepy individual at an upper window, who was at last induced to come down and open to them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Parleying | Parleying Sentence

  • Tomlin was parleying with the foe.
  • It knows no parleying with reason.

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