Parquet In A Sentence

Definition of Parquet

(transitive) To lay or fit such a floor. | A wooden floor made of parquetry. | The part of a theatre between the orchestra and the parquet circle.

How To Use Parquet In A Sentence?

  • I met him in the front hall just in time to prevent a hopeless scar on my parquet floor.
  • The room was small and panelled in white, with empty sconces along the walls and parquet floor covered with oriental rugs.
  • The parquet afforded opportunities for social greetings among the Saints, and between the acts presented an animated scene.
  • The great room, under the strong lights, showed the conventional desert of polished parquet floor, with sparse furniture grouped about it.
  • Cependant Gamelin passait chaque matin au parquet pour presser l'affaire Maubel.
  • Crystal chandeliers, icicles of dripping light, glow down upon a scene of parquet floor, draped velours, and mirrors wreathed in gilt.
  • When you think of the crevasses of an old parquet floor in an Italian Palace, you can imagine how difficult it was to find anything again.
  • Le parquet est une chose inconnue en Espagne, ou du moins je n'y en ai jamais vu.
  • Next in merit to brick or marble comes the parquet of oak or other hard wood; but even this looks inadequate in rooms of great architectural importance.
  • I have been speaking as if the parquet were floored; in fact, you have to sit close to the ground, mats and quilts of your own providing alone protecting you from the damp earth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Parquet | Parquet Sentence

  • Half the parquet is empty.
  • The empty parquet is a reference to it.
  • The parquet is laid in divisions reproducing the design of the ceiling.
  • There was the same parquet floor, and dado of shiny pitchpine.
  • His knees were far apart, and his feet scarcely touched the parquet floor.
  • Le parquet tout neuf n'avait pas encore recu l'encaustique et le cirage.
  • Of course, I shouldn't rink on a parquet floor.

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