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  • Carroll parried this with a smile.
  • But she parried awhile.
  • Sally parried in a flash.
  • He parried the question with a frown.
  • Dave parried a good many questions.
  • Hatpin in hand, she parried the thrust and lunged back.
  • I parried it, and thrust, and we fell to work.
  • The point may be parried with any of the guards previously described.
  • Greer countered fiercely with his left, but it was parried easily.
  • He was assaulted concerning the article, and he parried capitally.
  • Bruce parried the thrust, and with one blow of his battle-axe split his skull.
  • He parried it, leaped upon a chair, and stood there smiling.
  • Von Schlichten parried the cut on the steel shaft of his mace.
  • I parried as well as I could, going up backwards all the time.
  • He took a step forward, feinted, parried skillfully, and then stepped back.
  • She parried his stroke, and--the hen-raven lunged.
  • Thorndyke parried this attention-getting question: "Mine is of no consequence.

How To Use Parried In A Sentence?

  • Jessy recognized that he had parried her question neatly, but this did not deter her.
  • His friend was good natured about the matter, but parried all further questions.
  • Grey leaped backward and parried just in time a vicious thrust that was like a dart of lightning.
  • Tavannes retorted; and he lunged and parried in his turn, but loosely and at a distance.
  • I turned, parried the blow with my gun, and the tomahawk was struck from his hand.
  • Fellingham parried him with a sedate gravity of irony that was painfully perceptible to Anisette.
  • All the world had been a foe to be feared and parried except myself, and I had been a despot.
  • The prince, very much surprised, parried in prime, riposted, and touched Dick on the hand.
  • Drawing his sword, he made a tremendous blow at Sir Aimand, who parried without returning it.
  • Ruth teased him and deftly parried his crude attempts to make the grand passion the sole topic of their chats.
  • He avoided a collision, but the blows which he parried fell against the vessel, and continued their work of destruction.
  • Meg, with characteristic repartees, parried his thrusts, and their intercourse was sweet with wholesome laughter.
  • Hal parried the first blow, but the second just grazed his lip, causing that member to bleed slightly.
  • Any ordinary person would have parried that question by a semblance of indignation or by asking what I meant by it.
  • He had tried again and again to reach his adversary, and with graceful ease Paul had parried each cut and tierce.
  • But he, with ease and coolness, parried all my thrusts and played with me as if I were but a child.
  • He parried it, and while he fumbled in his pockets for something, a trick to gain time, he was thinking hard and fast.
  • The boy made a quick dart forward with his stick, and it passed by his teacher, who parried with the slightest movement of his wrist.
  • These questions were mostly ignorant and thoughtless, and Lefevre either parried them or answered them with great reserve.
  • Aye, but what happens once, may happen again, and so long as these strokes are not to be parried by us, they must be feared.
  • He signed to Neal to keep silent, and himself parried the shower of questions so adroitly that his hostess got no information from him.
  • Garibaldi coolly parried the blow, and struck down his assailant, while Missori shot the three nearest dragoons with his revolver.
  • The wee man parried most dexteriously every blow that Phadrig wished to deal, and there was much mirth and excitement among the spectators.

Definition of Parried

simple past tense and past participle of parry
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