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  • A mess of wild parsnips and pepper, for example, will actually do you good.

How To Use Parsnips In A Sentence?

  • These are much finer flavored than if parsnips had been cooked before being fried.
  • Boil in a separate pot greens or cabbage to eat with it; also parsnips and potatoes.
  • At the Hallow Eve supper parsnips and cakes are eaten, and nuts and apples roasted.
  • I understand that the four men who gather the wild parsnips represent the four clans of the tribe.
  • At first the plants seemed to waver and hesitate over whether they had better be wild parsnips or Lima beans.
  • For several years peyotists were a powerful factor in the tribal council, and they were not loath to play upon the connection between peyote and poison parsnips in the minds of their cotribalists.

Definition of Parsnips

plural of parsnip
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