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  • Your real part is to be that of lure.
  • That part is sane enough.
  • The divine part is the inspiration.
  • All this part is well lighted.
  • Their part is fine enough.
  • A part is less than the whole.
  • This last part is in the major.
  • All of that part is toward the forest.
  • Your part is to help her to escape.
  • The mistake on my part is obvious.
  • I think this part is beautiful.
  • All that part is quite finished.
  • But the difficult part is still to come!
  • No one part is worse than another.
  • The cancerous part is cut away.
  • The back part is where we bake things.
  • The third part is denominated inspection.
  • The tragical part is the first thing that is done.
  • Truly, a mighty part is that of the artist.
  • The way to be sure of acting this part is to pray for him.
  • Its breadth in the widest part is twenty miles.
  • The second part is the way of false opinion.
  • In man the sixtieth part is a very venerable age.
  • That part is not only cruel, but ineffective.
  • The second part is the most impressive portion of the work.
  • But his tenor part is not for every-day voices!
  • The bowl part is 6 inches in diameter.
  • The stone part is the upper portion of the eastern half.
  • Thus, a curve is a line of which no part is straight.
  • This inner part is called the heart wood of the tree.
  • The stem part is about one-fourth of an inch in length.
  • Part of the family is in heaven, and part is on earth.
  • Unto them a part is given; we will strive to see the whole.
  • If any part is burnt, scrape it off as soon as cold.
  • Is not everything a part, is not every part a thing?

How To Use Part Is In A Sentence?

  • That part is for young Hal.
  • The lower part is open, and is used for the butter market.
  • The blade is quite smooth; the upper part is roughened.
  • The back part is finished: men are working at the front.
  • This part is known as the Makalakaland.
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