Parted In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Parted | Parted Sentence

  • I cannot be parted from you!
  • We then parted for the night.
  • The curtains had parted again.
  • They parted to meet again.
  • They parted with smiles.
  • He had just parted from his companions.
  • I have but lately parted from him.
  • With which we parted forever.
  • They parted at a fiacre.
  • We parted from him very cordially.
  • She parted them and peered through.
  • They parted at the corner.
  • He was parted from them by more than years.
  • We are parted forever.
  • We parted for the night.
  • The curtains parted again.
  • He parted from her casually.
  • How awful will it be to be parted so!
  • Thereon they parted for that time.
  • We parted with perfect friendliness.
  • But our minds parted very soon.
  • We parted good friends.
  • I parted from them in deep distress.
  • She could not bear to be parted from him.
  • His lips parted as if in prayer.
  • So we parted with mutual esteem.
  • His lips parted to protest.
  • And parted only by a slender wall.
  • We parted on the best of terms.
  • Sophy had parted the curtain and was peeping through.
  • He was all right when we parted on the ship.
  • And you will be parted at the day of judgment.
  • Steel and wood had parted company.
  • Did we wrong this parted soul?
  • We parted the best of friends.

How To Use Parted In A Sentence?

  • They parted at the railway station.
  • They parted with great friendliness.
  • They parted with affectionate smiles.
  • The kings parted reconciled.
  • They parted in a very cordial manner.

Definition of Parted

Separated; taken asunder. | (in combination) Having the specified number of parts. | (botany) Deeply cleft.
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