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  • Those spiritual beings who participate in human existence surge through the astral body.
  • But though Miss Maggie did not participate in the gay doings, she heard of them.
  • I must admit that I did participate in this vile business; but I was not myself that night.
  • She did not participate in Albert's apprehensions, and thought his anxiety needless.
  • They are not suffered to participate in any of the festivities or amusements of their more highly favored white brethren.
  • Whether or not we know it, we all participate in the creation of its value by competing for dollars against one another.
  • The artists of that great epoch participate in its general character, and represent it in their way.
  • I also had occasion to participate a few times in the operations involved in shifting crocodiles from one location to another.
  • Is it not because the dispositions of a man appear to us conformed to the idea of justice, that we are inclined to participate in them with him?
  • America is a land of opportunity, where the poor boy secures a home and later may participate in the government.
  • Gordon, however, could not participate in this philosophic view of his father's.
  • Let us be prepared, therefore, to go forth not to conquer but to participate in the life of the world.
  • Whatever his business had been in the city he had had plenty of time to return to Grasslands and participate in the theft of the jewels.
  • He will tell you it is an inheritance of itself to participate in this immense glory, this unique legend, which constitutes the talk of the world.
  • None of the little Stuarts ever did anything without first inviting their uncle to participate in it.
  • They had journeyed around the world on their honeymoon to enable him to participate in an international chess match at Mannheim.
  • To participate in this Thomas refused, on the plea that he did not know enough of the games to risk anything.
  • Small Irish farmers like to see the hunt almost as much as the hunting set themselves like to participate in it.
  • Particular beings participate in absolute truth, but do not explain it; refutation of Aristotle.
  • It is to enable them, while continuing to earn their living by manual work, to participate in the fuller life given by intellectual activity.
  • Yoemon, together with the conspirators, was not allowed to participate in the forced restitution made by Suzuki.
  • He even envied the situations of Nangis and Maulevrier; and sought to participate in the same happiness.
  • Even in politics it is not so much by the desire to participate in government that we have shown our democratic spirit as by the desire not to be individually governed.
  • He was an enthusiast in his devotion to nature, and he anxiously desired that all should participate in the gratification which such a study never failed to afford.
  • They participate in each other's honour, they bear one another's burthens, that they may fulfil the law of Christ.
  • The superintendent or leader is expected to arrange the length and number of the exercises, to suit the number and ages of those available to participate in them.
  • Encouraged by her friends, she began to participate as a German and Yiddish speaker at Anarchist meetings.
  • Willingness to participate freely in the functions of society, and desire on the part of the individual to perform all his functions, have been relatively too slight.
  • Do they want a Negro who shall not be permitted to participate in the government which he must support with his treasure and defend with his blood?
  • If smell sometimes seems to participate in the sentiment of the beautiful, it is because the odor is exhaled from an object that is already beautiful, that is beautiful for some other reason.
  • We have attempted to set up and maintain a government upon the doctrine of the equality of men, the universal right of all men, to participate in the government.
  • The well-educated person does not need to participate in a struggle between good and bad motives, for that which has been impressed upon his mind does not allow the other side to come up at all.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Participate | Participate Sentence

  • What other parts participate in the function?
  • They are partly real because they participate in Being.
  • They thus participate both in Being and in not-being.
  • They are partly unreal because they participate in not-being.
  • We were allowed to actively participate and fill in the bags ourselves.
  • Not so much that I won't participate in it.
  • Why must I participate in the wrecking of mechanical civilization?
  • Did Francisco Ferrer participate in the anti-military uprising?

Definition of Participate

(obsolete) Acting in common; participating. | (intransitive) To join in, to take part, to involve oneself (in something). [from 16th c.] | (obsolete, transitive) To share, share in (something). [16th-19th c.]
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