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How To Use Parties Are In A Sentence?

  • Roof parties are the very latest diversion which the girl who stays in town is enjoying.
  • Parties are syndicates for exploitation, and its forms become ever more shameless.
  • Croquet parties are great occasions for pretty costumes; all this was talked over.
  • I seldom tell you that sort of news, but when the parties are very fresh in your memory.
  • In the country, introductions at dinner-parties are far oftener made than in town.
  • Even when the parties are available and agree to share, the benefits may not flow to all equally.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Parties Are | Parties Are Sentence

  • The parties are wedded.
  • How when the parties are distant?
  • The parties are betrothed.
  • Coaching parties are delightful.
  • The contracting parties are free.
  • Parties are falling into profligate factions.
  • What parties are opposite in the quarrel?
  • And only the formal dinner parties are indexed.
  • Apache war parties are never large.
  • Garden-parties are entertainments that are annually given.
  • And parties are often disappointing things.
  • But now both parties are pledged to a bill of some sort.
  • In adelphic unions both parties are probably immature.
  • I am sure dancing-parties are not enough to live on.
  • Water-parties are often given by owners of yachts.
  • Firelight Parties Are pleasurable affairs.
  • All the special friends of the parties are very much mortified.
  • Balls and parties are also a favourite and more innocent amusement.
  • It is on the nature of that regeneration that the two parties are opposed.
  • I believe both of the great parties are represented by us.
  • Thus both parties are led to the adoption of desperate measures.
  • The parties are necessarily not on an equal footing in making such a bargain.
  • All parties are broken up into the one great national party.
  • Very often when parties are supposed to be consumptive, they are not so.
  • These two main parties are more or less heterogeneous in composition.
  • If the parties are able to do so, they are supposed to pay something.
  • Launch parties are immensely popular, both on the river and on the coast.
  • Both parties are to do nothing contrary to this, under pain of losing my favor.
  • These dancing parties are differently conducted; at some are danced quadrilles!
  • These are remarkably well done, and the smaller parties are very agreeable.
  • Where all parties are eager for explanation, matters are soon explained.
  • Parties are occasionally mustered and counted, to see that none are missing.
  • If the parties are ready for trial, the justice proceeds to try the issue.
  • By treaties, the rights of the contracting parties are placed beyond dispute.
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