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  • Jehovah can be no partisan of a people that does not walk according to his laws.
  • Hard words should not be used and nothing should be said of a partisan character.
  • Then we had a whole class of partisan games which gave us wonderful entertainment.
  • Instead of the relentless partisan of the past, he became the apostle of benevolence and charity.
  • Wildfoot might be a great partisan commander, but there was such a thing as pernicious activity.
  • His eagerness to capture the partisan seemed to increase, and I did not wonder at it.
  • The National Grange has endeavored to keep strictly aloof from partisan politics.
  • Even among the strong partisan officials of Don Carlos there were three parties, viz.
  • When this is done in a personal or partisan way it is offensive and always does more harm than good.
  • Coordination in the performance of a few obvious functions, and enthusiasm for a few partisan causes, will not be enough.
  • And he met with a large measure of success because all sensible men realized that education ought not to be a topic for partisan bickerings.
  • The partisan himself continued in the great good humor that had marked him when we entered Philadelphia.
  • He calls Ryerson a violent political partisan and taunts him with having only a superficial education.
  • It is common knowledge that, in the past at least, both law and fact have often been over-ridden for partisan advantage.
  • The election had been a sharp party struggle, the whole theory of a deliberate choice by electors vanishing in the stress of partisan excitement.
  • It is true that there are a few intensely partisan women, who can be held by party ties, but the rank and file observe no such allegiance.
  • Often himself in revolt against presidents, legal and illegal, Diaz was vastly more than an ordinary partisan chieftain.
  • It may be asked, How does the order manage to advocate public measures without becoming involved in partisan squabbles?
  • He was at the head of that system of partisan warfare, which, in its developments, was to rid the State of the foreign foe.
  • Nor shall I show myself a partisan of religion of any kind, for the Atheist says it is all a farce.
  • It followed that Zeus was a partisan of his "children," that is, of the royal houses in the towns where he was the most favoured deity.
  • A partisan I am; partisans we have all been; it is as a partisan that I am here in the middle of the night to plead before you.
  • It is not my fault that my father was as recklessly brave a general, and as obstinately determined a partisan as Don Carlos ever had.
  • In all the partisan battles in Missouri the guerrillas never reported their losses, and only the reports of the Federal commanders are accessible.
  • His proposition for the employment of Roman Catholic teachers in the common schools showed his independence of partisan behest and popular clamor.
  • The elder was no doubt a "first-class fighting man," a fine seaman, a born partisan leader; but here his qualities came to an end.
  • He spoke, not like a partisan of one particular member of our Constitution, but as a person strongly, and on principle, attached to them all.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Partisan | Partisan Sentence

  • This is the evil of trade, as well as of partisan politics.
  • Thus the American question became a partisan battleground.
  • He had abundant cunning and the ready adaptation of partisan skill.
  • In the second period partisan feelings were very bitter in the community.
  • Evidently this was a man much superior to the ordinary partisan chieftain.
  • It was a partisan warfare on a mighty scale, and the storm was about to burst.
  • In these circumstances, partisan feeling ran to extravagant lengths.
  • A. Partisan politics determine nominations to office; for 1.
  • Duff's regiment is called the Partisan Rangers.
  • He was a strong partisan of the South and believed the North wholly wrong.
  • He assisted Sacheverell and became a strong partisan of the High Church party.
  • Webster's federalism was something more than a partisan sentiment.
  • Do not reach so high as to touch some partisan of Sulkowski's.

Definition of Partisan

Serving as commander or member of a body of detached light troops: as, a partisan officer or corps. | Adherent to a party or faction; especially, having the character of blind, passionate, or unreasonable adherence to a party | Devoted to or biased in support of a party, group, or cause: partisan politics.
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