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  • If there were only a partition between us!
  • The partition wall has disappeared.
  • The second partition was only a question of time.
  • The dry boards in the partition were smoking.
  • A partition divides the hall into two equal parts.
  • A pink line ran along the partition between her nostrils.
  • I clutch the partition in front of me, but cannot feel it.
  • Again, a hut is built with a partition down the middle.
  • Third partition of Poland.
  • Hallan, a partition wall, a porch, outer door.
  • It may be asked, who first planned the partition of Poland?
  • This act was the famous Partition of Bengal.
  • In the case depicted this partition is (17, 9, 5, 1).
  • Thus (32111), a partition of 8, is written (321^3).
  • The Congress of Vienna was a fresh partition of Poland.
  • Behind the partition was the girl's room.
  • A fair partition only ought to be made of those territories.
  • A thick partition of brush separated him from the unseen speaker.
  • An internal partition or inclosure cutting off part of a building.
  • A partition divided the car into kitchen and living-quarters.
  • Consonantes betuene vouales are lyke partition walles betuen roomes.
  • The partition of these is sometimes horizontal, sometimes vertical.
  • A partition was removed to make a long room and provide for a stove.
  • In the cell, the lower boards of the partition had burst into flame.
  • Again the partition revolved, revealing a flight of stairs leading downward.
  • If we enumerate by columns we obtain another partition of 8, viz.

How To Use Partition In A Sentence?

  • The bays winked at each other over the low partition that separated their stalls.
  • The pillars of the barn and the partition wall between scullery and veranda are of 18 in.
  • He was about to rap out an angry retort when a knock came at the partition door.
  • Putting his head through the partition doorway he ordered his astonished clerks to close up.
  • Each shaft is divided by a wooden partition which descends from the top to the bottom.
  • General injury goes on at a more rapid rate than the actual partition of property.
  • There was a stir behind the partition and a sound of chairs scraping the floor.
  • This shortens the labour by allowing her to use the same partition for two adjoining rooms.
  • I stepped in through a door in a glass partition and found myself in the familiar torture-chamber.
  • Through a crack in the partition which concealed us, we witnessed all their proceedings.
  • This partition would naturally be built straight as a twofold measure of economy.
  • They knew she did, for they heard her heavy breathing through the thin partition wall.
  • He punched in a glass partition to emphasise a filthy remark he had made to the head engineer.
  • Yet this could not have been an effigy, for the interior is divided by a solid partition of stone.

Definition of Partition

To divide something into parts, sections or shares | To divide a region or country into two or more territories with separate political status | To separate or divide a room by a partition (ex. a wall), often use with off
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