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How To Use Pass Down In A Sentence?

  • It is not safe to load a vessel which must pass down the river more than sixteen feet.
  • Let us pass down to the rock, and cool ourselves in the damp moss that drapes it.
  • The old man saw his wife pass down in front of the house and descend toward the river.
  • Leon felt it between his fingers, and the very essence of all his being seemed to pass down into that moist palm.
  • As Dr. Sandford and I were silent and looking, I saw another grey figure pass down the road.
  • With this principle in hand one may pass down the whole scale of being and discover no breach of continuity.
  • Although hardly more than two minutes had passed since they came up those stairs, it was now manifestly impossible to pass down again.
  • Turning, he closed the window, for that would be a definite clue to any one who might pass down the alley.
  • When the wind blows from the south, the perfume of them, as you pass down the river, is simply wonderful.
  • As you sit by this fire you think you hear her hand on the latch of the door; as you pass down the street you seem to see her coming towards you.
  • Then, and not until then, would he weigh anchor, spread sail and pass down the river to the ocean and so homeward.
  • Then I pass down through our orchard to the river-side, and ramble along its margin in search of flowers.
  • Tommy and George were now standing guard at the mouth of the cross-cutting so that no one could pass down the gangway toward the shaft.
  • From the Casa Lonja pass down the Calle Santa Tomas to the Hospital de la Caridad.
  • One porter clambered into a carriage which was standing on a siding; as he did not come out again nor pass down on the other side we imagine he went to bed in it.
  • To get out of the house was impossible, for to do so she must pass down the stairs and through the room below, where probably they were either sleeping or watching.
  • She saw Warrington, fully dressed, issue forth cautiously, glance about, then pass down the gallery, stepping with the lightness of a cat.
  • The repetition has the advantage of fixing the story in the minds of the people, enabling them to retain and pass down their traditions from one generation to another for an immensely long period of time.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pass Down | Pass Down Sentence

  • Two riders pass down the street before my window.
  • A little later she saw him pass down the street.
  • I pass down the street Through the night....
  • To reach this we pass down long staircase-like streets in a poor quarter.
  • In the midst of the lecture Dick had occasion to pass down one of the aisles.

Definition of Pass Down

(transitive) To hand over, pass through or transfer to a lower level, next generation, etc.
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