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  • The man had been kind to it on its passage home.
  • The snow delayed the passage of the troops hardly at all.
  • Also, it guarded the passage to open sea.
  • Then I privately struck the passage out myself.
  • To passage to Syndey, four persons, at $120.
  • From then until near noon we worked our passage if ever men did.
  • He and his wife took passage in the steamer for home in Keokuk.
  • In 1768 edition this passage is labeled SCENE II.
  • Nor was Hare-Lip struck, though he essayed the passage more slowly.

How To Use Passage In A Sentence?

  • There is another point of view in which this passage should also be considered.
  • I am forever your debtor for reminding me of that curious passage in my life.
  • In the taciturn days of the passage he had noticed their reserve even amongst themselves.
  • There is no recruiting nor trading captain in the group who dares to run the passage after dark.
  • After some distance the passage widened, and he began to see broad daylight ahead of him.
  • The publican runs out to meet him in the passage and says to him: Not this way.
  • We gave it some food and water and a free passage to Sicily, where it was set free.
  • The family were well to do, but had no ready money to lay out on a passage across the Atlantic.
  • The anecdote or passage from Dickens's "Humphrey's Clock" is very characteristic.
  • The water of this fountain is introduced into the fortress through a secret passage by hidden pipes.
  • That passage in the life of the great statesman is one of the most affecting in all biographical literature.
  • Nor does the celebrated passage of the eighth chapter of the same epistle touch the point in controversy.
  • Surely, the author of such a passage cannot be accused of being afraid to make concessions to his opponents.
  • It has been noted that the existence of impedance tends to choke back the passage of lightning discharge through a coil.
  • In regard to this point, it is not pretended by them that the passage in question utters a single syllable.
  • He got off his horse and cut away with some difficulty enough of the curtaining foliage to allow an easy passage through.
  • The hatch to the engine room was battened down, access being gained through a narrow passage from the cabin.
  • In circuits having both resistance and capacity or resistance and inductance, both properties affect the passage of current.
  • A long and narrow passage overhung on either side by a stupendous barrier of black and threatening rocks.
  • For these reasons, we think there can be but little doubt with respect to the true meaning of the passage in question.
  • This permits the passage of voice currents, but not of the direct currents used in stepping the relays or in releasing them.
  • He led me along a passage on the ground-floor of the entrance hall and through an official-looking apartment to a lively scene indeed.
  • The passage of current to ground at the arrester, however, will be over a path containing nothing but wire and the arrester.
  • Shakspeare, last night, wrote a passage which he would have been heartily ashamed of, as a living man.
  • The passage was very narrow, but lightsome, for a door was open at the end, peeping into a lawny kind of yard.
  • Papa very seldom writes a passage without some humor in it somewhere, and I dont think he ever will.
  • She had never told her father of the love passage between Mark and herself, and how she had refused to bid him good-bye when he left.
  • She called him; he still hesitated, and then, yielding to a sudden desire, she went down the passage and knocked at the door of the room.
  • The passage by which Gray had just entered seemed to be the only mode of access: no human foot could scale those dark overhanging cliffs.
  • In this view of the passage in question we are happy to find that we are confirmed by so enlightened a critic as Dr. Macknight.
  • The door at the end of the passage was still open; I still saw out into the little lawny yard, but nobody was stirring.

Definition of Passage

(intransitive, dressage) To execute a passage movement | (dressage) A movement in classical dressage, in which the horse performs a very collected, energetic, and elevated trot that has a longer period of suspension between each foot fall than a working trot.
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