Passed On In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Passed On | Passed On Sentence

  • And so she passed on.
  • Urquhart had passed on.
  • Eternity has passed on.
  • Wollaston passed on.
  • And so in silence he passed on.
  • She passed on into the sunset.
  • We passed on into the other room.
  • And so the time passed on.
  • They had passed on into the cloisters.
  • We passed on to the library.
  • They had killed him and passed on after the other.
  • The evening passed on.
  • Then he knew who it was before she passed on.
  • The stockbroker passed on.
  • She had passed on unharmed.
  • He passed on to the wedding.
  • Gwennie shuddered and passed on.
  • So the years passed on.
  • Three hours passed on.
  • He passed on down the companion.
  • Then they passed on to their own room.
  • He passed on to her closet.
  • He passed on to his train.
  • Thus years passed on.
  • She passed on rapidly.
  • He passed on up the street.
  • He passed on into the crowd.
  • The steersman passed on down.
  • Time passed on slowly.
  • I laughed and passed on.
  • And so the years passed on.
  • Alfred and the lady passed on.
  • And so the evening passed on.
  • We passed on to terms.
  • Her luck she had passed on to him!

How To Use Passed On In A Sentence?

  • He passed on to the door.
  • So he passed on and left it.
  • Heard propellers which passed on.
  • Still the man passed on.
  • Keith laughed and passed on.

Definition of Passed On

simple past tense and past participle of pass on
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