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  • What cold, passionless faces!
  • He sat as still as the passionless rock lifted behind him.
  • I sank into cool depths, passionless and calm.
  • Round the passionless repose Of the silent dead.
  • What Middle Ages passionate, O passionless voice!
  • The morose moon started up, a tragic hieroglyph in the passionless sky.
  • On their face is ever seen that weary, resigned, passionless look.
  • But it was so very sober and passionless that Mrs. Randolph grew impatient.

How To Use Passionless In A Sentence?

  • What right had she to imagine him a bloodless being, as passionless as a stone?
  • Passions, for the first time, burn and rage in the bosom of those hitherto passionless beings.
  • And they heard groans, and a dull, passionless voice that spoke words of blasphemy and obscenity.
  • No wild daredevil, no sail carrier this, but a smooth, passionless man of business.
  • Fair Rosseau slumbers in an atmosphere That kisses her to passionless soft dreams.
  • But the cruelty of Henry, like that of Edward, was cruelty of the passionless type.
  • His feelings when he found himself outside were such as it is impossible to describe in passionless sentences.
  • You know now that there are things in life which are not to be found in your passionless corner among the hills.
  • We can experience a blissful sensation when contemplating the purity and passionless nature of the growing plant.
  • What followed was like some grim and passionless trance with triggers ticking off the slow-passing minutes.
  • Indeed, his passionless quietness conveyed the impression that some of the usual attributes of humanity had been left out of him.
  • His expression and tone were passionless as those of a statistician proffering a tabulation: his words were fit to wring the heart of a stone.
  • And then we call to mind the green sap flowing through the plant, and think of it as the expression of the pure and passionless laws of growth.
  • Secondly, there is the progress in purity which casts earthly things behind, and reaches the angelic height of passionless serenity.
  • I am more afraid of that careless, passionless temperament, than of aught else, and the more as hour by hour it steals over me.
  • The fields are damaged by weeds, mankind is damaged by passion: therefore a gift bestowed on the passionless brings great reward.
  • In the passionless man or woman extreme activity may repress the tendency to disapprove; immense self-importance may impede action.
  • Every evening Pierrot was washed at the pump, and pretended to throw the water which deluged him to the bright and passionless moon.
  • From the dull crimson of their robes there stared Passionless eyes, long dead, that judged and glared.
  • They need not be convulsed, or writhing, or grimacing; on the contrary, they ought to be quite calm and passionless in their cruel beauty.
  • The East rose before him, with its inscrutable wisdom, its passionless repose, its heavy-lidded calm.
  • His quiet, passionless voice sounded strange to me; his words seemed strange, too, each one heavily weighted with hidden meaning.
  • My soul is drawn toward old Pendle, yon, with a love passing that of woman, heartless and passionless though the huge mass be.
  • Fortunately the outward seeming of the passionless temperament is often worse than the reality, and querulous speech is often combined with generous action.
  • Being by no means a mere passionless money-making machine, I had, nevertheless, not finished with Lane.
  • It consists in hitting the happy mean as regards the passions, in not allowing them to get the upper hand of reason, and yet in not being quite passionless and apathetic.

Definition of Passionless

Lacking in passion.
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