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  • Their passions forge their fetters.
  • Men of cold passions have quick eyes.
  • But speake, who was your passions harbinger?
  • Piety did not always vanquish the passions of a turbulent age.
  • These depraved passions injure those who nourish them in their hearts.
  • The bad passions of their teachers had been stirred in their most vital place.
  • The gradual softening of the passions and resentments of the war was checked.
  • I felt all the vindictive passions of manhood kindling within me.
  • That slaughter was called forth by mingled passions of the worst description.
  • With life all other passions fly, All others are but vanity.
  • Our passions eagerly catch hold of laws Which they can wield as weapons.
  • And while youth's passions are aflame To fall in love by rule and plan!
  • In depths of sensual pleasure drown'd, Let us our fiery passions still!

How To Use Passions In A Sentence?

  • Inclinations and passions embody the same constituent features as the practical feeling.
  • His science is to make weapons and wings of these passions and retarding forces.
  • Economize your caresses, rule your passions so as never to make more promises than you can keep.
  • We see the perfect more than others, it may be, but we must find the passions among the people.
  • How difficult it is to temper one's passions and one's pen you can judge even from your own case.
  • The only wonder is that owing to the passions of the times there were not more excesses and murders committed than there were.
  • Nothing has happened in our house to astound me more than the angry passions it kindled in two of our friends who are clergymen.
  • My moral strength was not equal to the tide, and all my passions swayed me whithersoever they chose.
  • The treasures of heaven are not negations of passion but realities of intellect from which the passions emanate uncurbed in their eternal glory.
  • Then indeed all the evil passions spring up, and it becomes a case of who is the most influential person on the board.
  • He had strong passions and an ardent imagination, but his firmness of disposition preserved him from the ordinary errors of young men.
  • We have seen how evil passions indulged were like a seed of sin, growing and spreading into a mighty and poisonous tree.
  • Four millions of slaves, with the necessities of children, with the passions of men, and the ignorance of savages!
  • Before the reappearance of Margaret in my world at all an unwonted disgust with the consequences and quality of my passions had arisen in my mind.
  • It is around him as a peace-making President that all the passions and prejudices and disappointments of the world still rage.
  • The subject is, therefore, equally liable to receive impressions from the minds of others, and from their passions and lusts.
  • I know that all bad passions are allied to ignorance, and I desire to see all those passions softened down by knowledge.
  • I sat musing upon his last Frightful words, which proved to what excess the passions may be carried when escaped from all moral restraint.
  • Then are his passions also inflamed: the despair that is in him Out of his heart breaks forth, and takes shape in criminal action.
  • His lofty moral idealism seemed for a moment to dominate the brutal passions which had torn the Old World asunder.
  • The drama is the reflection of humanity; the art of the actress should be the reflection of all the different passions that have stirred her own heart and soul.
  • The tricks and passions I had been teased into became irksome, and I was disliked by my teachers for the very lessons they had taught me.
  • After all, I suppose, the poet has passions like great unearthly appetites; and the world has always judged more gently of his sins.
  • It soon turns out however to be little but a prudent and self-denying superiority to particular passions and inclinations in the interest of a comprehensive ideal.
  • Tell me, art thou not judge among this fugitive people, Father, who thus in an instant canst bid their passions be quiet?
  • In every part of the vessel, evidences of the attempt which had ended so fatally presented themselves, and the passions of the combatants were still warm.
  • It gave vent to all the animal passions and breathed the murder instinct said to be inherent in the average human when unreasoning rage temporarily supplants sanity.

Definition of Passions

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of passion | plural of passion
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