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  • Is the mind passive in this act?
  • They are passive states of the intellect.
  • His wife was roused too and was a passive listener.
  • She would be no longer a passive agent.
  • She had remained a passive spectator of all that occurred.
  • But they are horribly cruel in a passive way.
  • She used to preside over passive rolls of grey and blue.
  • Let us be passive and receptive, my friends.
  • Perhaps it was rather a passive jealousy which he mistook for hatred.
  • But riches do not in all cases secure even an inert and passive resistance.
  • As a rule, avoid making one passive depend directly upon another.

How To Use Passive In A Sentence?

  • She was entirely misled by the passive manner in which he permitted her to withdraw from him.
  • Gertrude had been sipping admiration and was not disposed to play a passive part in the talk.
  • The mental faculties and the moral perceptions lie down together in the same passive sleep.
  • Her very silence clutched at his heart, and her passive hand-touch as they parted.
  • With one, the active phase is the whole; with the other, the passive impression is the whole.
  • The sight of her nurse, passive in despair, restored to the girl a portion of her previous spirit.
  • The first Renaissance took us from the position of passive recipient to active interpreter.
  • The passive verb adheres to the person of the patient; as, hel and death are conquered be Christ.
  • So Mrs. Desmond was taking not only a passive but an active interest in her affairs!
  • But in every such instance he confounds the will with one of the passive susceptibilities of the mind.
  • Mere passive reading may do no more good than the stream does to the iron pipe through which it flows.
  • If this act had been produced in us by a necessitating cause, would not the mind have been passive in it?
  • Every state of the sensibility is a passive impression, a necessitated phenomenon of the human mind.
  • Unlike the other theories, that one assumes as the motive force not merely passive imitativeness but an outgoing will.
  • The nature of the day sapped the power of spirit from everyone, and they all were vulnerable and passive like sheep.
  • He must find the freedom of the soul then, if he find it at all, in one of its passive susceptibilities.
  • They have a sort of vague impression that the passive are always imposed on, and certainly they rarely place themselves in that category.
  • In other words, would it not have been a passive impression, and not an act, not an effort of the mind at all?
  • We said that being was an active or passive energy, arising out of a certain power which proceeds from elements meeting with one another.
  • His attitude of mind, which was passive but critical, had developed the faculties of observation rather than the habits of action.
  • In both the examples above, before correction, the word properly related to the second passive is made the subject of the first.
  • Though she could exercise when she chose a strangely passive attraction, her charm usually failed in the end for lack of intelligent guidance.
  • On my left another field in the same state of passive preparation, and on my right a side view of the Ocean.
  • The inner half of the wing is the passive part of the organ, while the external half, that which strikes the air, is the active part.
  • We admit that every passive impression is caused; but the question is, Can the mind be caused to act?
  • Weeks passed before we could thoroughly reconcile our own feelings to the passive toleration, or apparent apathy, of the Government.
  • We achieved an effect of rather stuffy comfortableness that was soporific, and in a passive way I think she found these among her happy times.
  • Now, as we are wholly passive in the reception of life, so it may be wholly conferred upon us by the power and agency of God.
  • Courtlandt was not in the most amiable condition of mind, and a hint of the ribald would have instantly transformed a passive anger into a blind fury.

Definition of Passive

Being subjected to an action without producing a reaction. | Taking no action. | (grammar) Being in the passive voice.

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