Past Five In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Past Five | Past Five Sentence

  • It was then about half-past five.
  • Get up at half-past five.
  • It was at half-past five.
  • It is nearly half past five.
  • It read half-past five.
  • Its hands were at quarter past five.
  • It said half-past five.
  • It was half-past five in the afternoon.
  • At half-past five she was to begin to dress.
  • The time was twenty-five past five.
  • We struck out of the pines at half past five.
  • At half-past five the mystery is solved.
  • From half-past five until six he does his laundry work.
  • Still the hands marked ten minutes past five.
  • At half-past five, we camped on the beach.
  • They started off in time to make the half-past-five boat.
  • He looked at his watch: it was half-past five.
  • It was half-past five, rather late under the circumstances.
  • At half-past five Mme.
  • At half-past five I was astir again.
  • It is almost half-past five; you never come home so late.
  • At half-past five Archelaus brought him his tea.
  • At five minutes past five they entered the Lazaretto.
  • It was half-past five, I remember now.
  • The next morning, about half-past five, Mme.
  • Half-past five!
  • Half past five!
  • And it was half-past five o'clock.
  • They were put down at all sorts of times during the past five months.
  • Conniston looked at his watch and saw that it was half-past five.
  • It is now half-past five o'clock in the morning.
  • She came in at half-past five and said that she had taken poison.
  • I have told my man to have the dogcart ready at half-past five.
  • Quarter past five," he said.
  • Half-past five, six o'clock.
  • By half past five they were the most miserable pair of girls in the big city.
  • But at five there was no sign of her, nor had she appeared by half-past five.
  • The visiting hours at the capital are usually from two until half-past five.

How To Use Past Five In A Sentence?

  • They had about forty miles ahead of them and meant to cover it by half-past five.
  • In all that he had done in the past five years he never played the man better than here and now.
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