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  • We had many other enjoyable pastimes outdoors.
  • They loved the same pastimes and knew the same friends.
  • It was one of his favorite pastimes when feeling coltish.
  • Manly sports and pastimes had been exchanged for the gaming-table.
  • Avoid inflicting unnecessarily on your mate people or pastimes which bore him.
  • In such pastimes and light entertainments the day wore away.
  • Those pastimes which used to be enjoyed by both together, are now separated.
  • However, directions for these pastimes may be found in contemporary classics.
  • Their principal pastimes are drinking, dancing, and music. . . .
  • All the hereditary pastimes of Old England were transplanted hither.
  • The Bontoc Igorot has none of the common pastimes or games of chance.

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  • But the tranquil, social pastimes were now interrupted by a new scene of action.
  • After tea there was no settling down to the cosey evening pastimes or employments.
  • I could chide myself that these pastimes have turned my eye from the house of woe.
  • Naturally, among the pastimes of this festive season dancing was not the least.
  • Base-ball and the alluring outdoor pastimes that now divert the dawdlers of cities were unknown.
  • Being shocked is evidently still one of the favourite pastimes of the British people.
  • Now with his father dwelt he, and pursued Such pastimes as are meet for youth of noble blood.
  • These are the pastimes that to such men replace the sports of the field and the accidents of the chase.
  • Because of the pleasure they took in the scenes themselves, as well as in the pastimes which they afforded.
  • Yet the dread of a separation from her has kept me at these pastimes for a considerable period beyond my relish of them.
  • Yet the quixotic noble was still sumptuous in his dress and spent much time on the sports which had been the pastimes of his boyhood.
  • I replied that this had been one of the pastimes of my youth, and that doubtless with practice my skill would come back to me.
  • Sir John Fortescue alludes to the revels and pastimes of the Temple in the reign of Henry VI.
  • In good truth, sir, hunting and such like pastimes are rather for your idle companions than for governors.
  • Staunton has been quite up in the books this winter between lectures, concerts, auctions, exhibitions and other pastimes and amusements.
  • Simulation games are an unusual hobby; but then hackers are unusual people, and their favorite pastimes tend to be somewhat out of the ordinary.
  • In later life he was able to enjoy the most frivolous pastimes and yet could endure the privations of camp life without experiencing discomfort.
  • The chief pastimes of the country people at this period, as far as can be ascertained, were wrestling, hurling and shooting with arrows.
  • They had almost forgotten that they were Volunteers, and went about their studies and pastimes with the fine care-freedom of glorious boyhood.
  • Compared with the sports in which horse and hound participate, all other outdoor pastimes in Ireland take rather a minor place.
  • He seems to have retained a boyish heart in the later years of his life, and he saw with pleasure the sports and pastimes of the Indian youth.
  • The first series of tales which I shall relate depict Satan as taking a part in the pastimes of the people.
  • There was never the endless round of attractions, toys, parties, theatres and pastimes (to say nothing of the all-consuming movies).
  • Accustomed to seek in trifling pastimes relaxation from employment scarcely less trifling, perseverance in mere manual industry was to me almost impossible.
  • But can there be a doubt, if the practice were general of accompanying our children in those pastimes in which they ought to be reasonably indulged, that many of these evils would be prevented?
  • Natural history, in particular, forms one of the established pastimes in the cotton districts and among the men who are connected with the daylight work of the collieries.
  • On the old village green, which in too many of our villages has been inclosed and become a thing of the past, many of these sports and pastimes once took place.
  • He was a rich man, and had all the means necessary to the enjoyment of those sports and pastimes which he delighted in; but above all else he was an Indian.
  • In all pastimes and professions there is, as even a child knows, a very wide difference between the knowing how a thing is done and the rendering of the operation in the most approved and scientific manner.

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plural of pastime
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