Pasty In A Sentence

Definition of Pasty

Like paste, sticky. | pale, lacking colour, having a pallor | (slang, offensive, derogatory, ethnic slur) white-skinned

How To Use Pasty In A Sentence?

  • Soak shells in this pasty solution for a short time, and it will eat the epidermis off.
  • I glanced at him, and saw that his face was of a pasty white and gleaming with perspiration.
  • The extreme type of soft cheese is a soft, pasty mass and can be easily spread with a knife.
  • The negro was a mass of white, pasty glue, and knelt on the floor, licking his hands passively.
  • In vain, he slept like the dead; his face, always a pasty white, now like marble in the moonlight.
  • But the remaining matches proved to have been badly dampened; the heads were pasty or entirely soaked off.
  • He belonged to the school of thought which holds that a man becomes plain and pasty if deprived of his full spell in bed.
  • When removed from the oven, and packed in layers of flannel, the pasty will keep hot for hours.
  • As the pressure on the quicksilver increased it ran through the pores of the leather in tiny streams, until at last a lump of pasty metal remained.
  • Chet had just one moment of fascinated staring into the diabolical, pasty faces where narrow, red eyes stared back into his.
  • A flash from Fracasse's pocket lamp showed faces pasty white and eyes of staring glassiness.
  • The dates, gathered while ripe and soft, are forced into these receptacles until almost a pasty mass, often not over clean, is formed.
  • They waited for the afterpiece, enjoyed a pasty and a bottle of Beaune, and went away laughing cozily together.
  • Welcome the Christmas-pie, the pasty of venison, the pudding stuffed with plums, and the flagon of old wine.
  • Mr Gurdon, rather red of nose and pasty of face, soon appeared, wearing on the whole rather a limp expression.
  • Nevertheless, it looked well, and I highly approved the capon and maize cakes, the venison pasty and ale, with which the table was set.
  • The enormous pie in which twenty-eight musicians were discovered when the crust was cut may have been the original of that pasty whose opening revealed four-and-twenty blackbirds in a similar plight.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pasty | Pasty Sentence

  • A pasty and stoup of wine were upon the table.
  • His eyes glared like coals in his pasty white face.
  • A dismal lot they made, pasty and sick and draggled.
  • At the back a maidservant is bringing in a pasty on which rests a turkey.
  • Here's a sausage pasty and a handful of nuts for my share.
  • He turned with rolling eyes and a pasty countenance to the two boys.
  • You shall have her to-morrow morning, and a venison pasty into the bargain.
  • Missy observed that his eyes were red-rimmed, and his face a pasty white.
  • The Cornish pasty is the best example of this kind of cooking.
  • A thin young man, with a pasty face and a slight stoop, opened the door.
  • An hour and Mr. Purdy's pasty face turned feebly red.
  • Milburgh's lips were quivering with fear and his face was a pasty grey.
  • Mr. Montague's complexion was of that pasty hue described as chalky white.
  • The colour faded from Marg's face, leaving it pasty and heavy.

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