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  • The bald pate and the butter-belly!
  • Sam shook his woolly pate in mock pathos.
  • Andenken der Pate Nixe.
  • Presently the bald pate revolved back and a truculent face stared up at them.
  • Villiers le sentiment, Hello l'amour, la littérature est une pâte azyme.
  • If there's a madder pate than Di's, Perhaps it may be Dolly's.

How To Use Pate In A Sentence?

  • Whatever tuneful instrument one of your friends possesses shall solace your slumbers or batter the pate of your enemy.
  • At this the living head tore itself violently away from the dead body and fell upon the yellow pate of the priest.
  • The man had placed his wig on a pea-stick, and his bald pate glowed in the sunlight like a pink turnip.
  • As he shook the water from his eyes, Sam's black pate appeared above the surface.
  • The fat landlord, divested of his wig, which he only wore on high days and holidays, was rubbing his shiny pate with satisfaction.
  • This class of Blue or marbled cheese is called fromage persille, as well as fromage bleu and pate bleue.
  • And on the floor lay another of these things, in a crumpled and huddled heap, only the back of the skull showing, like the polished pate of a bald man.

Definition of Pate

Alternative spelling of pâté (finely-ground paste of meat, fish, etc.) | The interior body, or non-rind portion of cheese, described by its texture, density, and color.
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