Pathways in a sentence

Definition of Pathways

plural of pathway

Short Example Sentence for Pathways

  • 1. The pathways of the ocean are marked out in the sky above.
  • 2. It never follows blindly the pathways of others.
  • 3. He might in life's pathways direct.
  • 4. To this end he taught the people principles which were pathways to the future.
  • 5. Alone, she strolled the cobble pathways between the rows of hedge.
  • 6. The pathways wound through flowery ravines, that looked out upon the sea.
  • 7. Most of the pathways round here are paved with old Turkish tombstones.
  • 8. So do I curse all pathways and all courses That lead thee from me.
  • 9. In Sketch C diagonals are drawn and pathways sent along them to the center.
  • 10. The pathways are filthy, The graceful stone ladies Bereft of their noses.

How to use Pathways in a Sentence?

  • 1. The mounds can be formed out of the hollowed pathways in the curves made between the groups.
  • 2. They were but the pathways made by the beasts, however, and often all but impassable.
  • 3. The pathways were filled with farmers and grain brokers, settling bargains and doing business.
  • 4. The gloomy pathways of Fate cannot be studied without profound anguish of heart.
  • 5. The Spanish horse sallied forth and hacked and hewed broad pathways up the different avenues.
  • 6. Neither with waxen optics nor with subservient jointings did she go through her pathways of the world.
  • 7. Through a series of such shock treatments some of the higher nerve centers or nerve pathways are destroyed.
  • 8. Along all our pathways sweet flowers are blossoming, if we will only stop to pluck them and smell their fragrance.
  • 9. North and south the rivers that mingled their waters here furnished natural pathways to vast and fertile valleys.
  • 10. Little pathways lead from the sides of the square to the center, resulting in a four-sided decoration.
  • 11. There were vistas and pathways leading onward and onward into the green woodlands and vanishing away in the glimmering shade.
  • 12. I had again an opportunity of examining the pathways of some of the ancient glaciers of the Sierra.
  • 13. On each side commodious pathways were made, and along the inner side powder magazines were constructed.
  • 14. When other pilgrims sought smooth pathways through meadow and valley, he trod unshod amid rocks and thorns.
  • 15. They were compelled to walk in single file, for the pathways were so narrow in places that two could not have gone abreast.
  • 16. But in any case one knows they will be content, if but the work is carried forward and the new pathways rendered safe.
  • 17. The Austrians have enough men and guns to defend all these routes and all the tortuous pathways in between.
  • 18. The pathways were lit by a rare lamp, but they would have been dark except for the lights that came from the open windows of the bungalows.
  • 19. In most of them the salad beds are made upon the floor, and the pathways are sunken a little so as to give headroom in walking and working.
  • 20. Trains cross the deserts and pierce the barriers of mountains; ships find unerring pathways upon the trackless oceans.
  • 21. The rituals, now taken literally, and so pityingly explained away, had once been genuine pathways of approach.
  • 22. Duly in those years the sun rose to cheer me; the breath of the free winds was in my nostrils; the grass made my pathways soft to my feet.
  • 23. Downward we hurry, on pathways where the beeches meet, by silent farms, by meadows honey-scented, deep in dew.
  • 24. The pathways of three of these glaciers I studied somewhat carefully, and after a few preliminary remarks, will describe in some detail.
  • 25. Like yesterday, it is during the drowsy noon that I ascend to my lofty suburb, by deserted pathways filled only with light and silence.
  • 26. They were tending the woodland plants that hang their golden blossoms in the pathways and carrying up the dewdrops that sparkle like diamonds from their leaves in the daybreak.
  • 27. In any case, it is very convenient to have pathways of planks running the whole length of the floor, so that the supervision is made more convenient.
  • 28. Through the centre runs a wide pathway intersected at right angles by other pathways so arranged as to cut the huts into square blocks, each block being the quarters of a company.
  • 29. As one wanders along the steep, narrow pathways one is more and more profoundly impressed by the wholesale flavour of the mourning, the stereotyping of the monuments.
  • 30. Some lines should cross at right angles, giving the effect of walking between high barriers, along pathways that intersect each other at right angles.