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  • The Raja of Patna himself would not have troubled us much.
  • The French and Dutch had also Factories at Patna.
  • About Benares and Patna the average is about double these figures.
  • The last two were probably the surgeons of Cossimbazar and Patna.
  • He joined Law at Cossimbazar and accompanied him on his first retreat to Patna.
  • The Governor of Patna was Raja Ramnarain, a Hindu, with the rank of Naib only.
  • of Patna rice, 1/4 lb.
  • of Patna rice, 1-1/2 pints of milk, 1 lb.
  • of Patna rice, 1 dessertspoonful of curry powder, salt to taste, and 1 oz.
  • of Patna rice, 1 quart of cold water, 1 dessertspoonful of curry, 1 oz.

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  • The news from below mentions good dear old Dr. Lyell as among the killed at Patna.
  • Surajah Dowlah fled from the field of battle to his capital, but, not deeming himself safe there, he tried to escape by the river to Patna.
  • He had also with him M. Lenoir, second of Patna, whose acquaintance with the language and the people was invaluable.
  • He was still hanging with his army round Patna, and Mir Kasim and the English determined to bring him to book.
  • On the 8th of April he received passports, and was promised that if he would go to Phulbari, near Patna, he should there receive all he wanted.
  • At Patna Eyre Coote seized the French Factory, where the Chief, M. de la Bretesche, was lying ill.
  • On the 16th of July we arrived at Dinapur, eight miles above Patna, where I soon saw we had no time to lose.
  • After dinner on the last day, Captain Ringgold asked Lord Tremlyn to tell them something about Patna; and he evidently did so with a purpose.
  • In a secluded part of the city of Patna, I came suddenly on an old female ascetic, who usually sits quite naked in a large barrel, which constitutes her only abode.
  • You laid out your list of cities to be visited yourself, Captain, and generally very judiciously; but if I had made it out I should have omitted Patna.
  • From Patna Eyre Coote got as far as Chupra, only to find Law safe beyond the frontier at Ghazipur, and nothing left for him to do but to return.
  • Before Law left Rajmehal on his return to Patna, the Faujdar tried to stop him on pretence that Mir Jafar wished to reconcile him to the English.
  • Patna lay on the line of Law's retreat, and, as we shall see, he was joined by the second and other subordinate officers of that Factory.
  • The former is that grown by the Government agencies at Patna and Benares; the latter, that grown by the native states of Scindia and Holkar, which has to pay a heavy duty in passing through our territory.
  • Patna was besieged, and, according to Broome, was very nearly captured, owing to Law's skill and the courage of his Frenchmen.
  • The second chapter closes with an impassioned peroration, wherein the removal of Mr. William Tayler from his post at Patna is likened to the judicial murder of Lally, and the starvation of Dupleix.
  • The English, however, forced Siraj-ud-daula, against his true interest and in spite of his promise to protect us, to abandon us, and to make M. Law leave his Factory and go to Patna.
  • Patna rice, the small slender, well-rounded grain, is in great demand in the East, with the Japan, Siam, Java, Rangoon, and Passein varieties closely following.
  • Clive and Mir Jafar wrote urgent letters to Ramnarain at Patna to stop him, but Ramnarain was no lover of Mir Jafar, and he was not yet acquainted with Clive, so he allowed him to pass.
  • He sent an expedition by sea, under the command of Patrocles his admiral, who visited the western shores of India, and a little later he despatched an embassy under Megasthenes and Onesicrates, the former of whom resided for some years at the "great city" of Palibothra (supposed to be Patna).
  • Under any circumstances Mr. Tayler's defence is not helped by sharp censures on Mr. Money, or by blindness to the fact that the best intelligence made a march to Patna seem more perilous than the far longer one through a jungle country to Calcutta.
  • There were also executions for sorcery at Seville, in Spain, in 1781, and at Glarus, in Switzerland, in 1783; while even as late as December 15th, 1802, five women were condemned to death for sorcery at Patna, in the Bengal Presidency, by the Brahmins, and were all executed.
  • I told him I should be dishonoured if I accepted Mr. Watts's proposals, but that as he was absolutely determined to expel us from his country, I was ready to withdraw, and that as soon as I had the necessary passports I would go towards Patna.
  • From now on to January, 1761, Law was out of the reach of the English, living precariously on supplies sent from Bussy in the south, from his wife at Chinsurah, and from a secret store which M. de la Bretesche had established at Patna unknown to the English, and upon loans raised from wealthy natives, such as the Raja of Bettiah.
  • These images are all of stone, brought from the neighbourhood of the river Gundhukee, which falls into the Ganges near Patna."
  • The rain and melted snow swell the two great rivers on the east and west of Bengal--the Patna and the Brahmaputra--and the tremendous volume of water carries down decayed vegetable and animal matter which is ultimately spread on the flat areas of Bengal as alluvial deposits, and thus provides an ideal layer of soil for the propagation of the jute plants.
  • Mir Jafar and other leaders of the Nawab's army were about to declare in favour of Saukat Jang when Ramnarain,[80] Naib of Patna, arrived to support Siraj-ud-daula.
  • "Patna is the fifteenth city in India in population, one hundred and forty miles from Benares," replied the viscount.
  • [Footnote 113: The old English Factory at Patna was re-opened by Mr. Pearkes, in July, 1757.
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