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Definition of Patrician

Of or pertaining to the Roman patres ("fathers") or senators, or patricians. | Of, pertaining to, or appropriate to, a person of high birth; noble; not plebeian. | (antiquity) A member of any of the families constituting the populus Romanus, or body of Roman citizens, before the development of the plebeian order; later, one who, by right of birth or by special privilege conferred, belonged to the senior class of Romans, who, with certain property, had by right a seat in the Roman Senate.

How To Use Patrician In A Sentence?

  • Between patrician and plebeian there was an abyss too wide for marriage to bridge.
  • Finally he came to one of the greatest houses of the patrician section of the city.
  • Girls belonging to noble and patrician families were usually taught in convents.
  • I have been poor myself, and know how hard it is for a patrician to be penniless.
  • But the patrician mother was with difficulty brought to listen to the tying of this love-knot.
  • As a patrician his next step in the official ladder would naturally have been the aedileship.
  • Sitting with easy grace upon the splendid horse, she had a curiously patrician air.
  • That he should hope to win this girl of patrician stock was, in a sense, ludicrous.
  • The patrician caste of the city still held its own, aided by the helot hand of slavery.
  • He made use of things not only as a soldier run riot, but as a patrician who passes the measure.
  • It was at this moment that happy chance threw the patrician Justinian in her path.
  • How fine, how self-assertive, is the attitude of this twenty-nine-year-old patrician Haarlemite!
  • It owes its origin to Sophie Wurdemberger, a member of one of the old patrician families of Berne.
  • There was therefore here no line like that which in some other countries divides the patrician from the plebeian.
  • Another marked feature in the condition of government was the supremacy gained by the patrician class.
  • The enemies of the patrician were in a state of pure delight and added a thousand particulars to the scandal.
  • The description of this marriage is interesting as a picture of the life of the high patrician families and their ceremonies and festivities.
  • The girl stiffened perceptibly, and really looked very patrician as she turned and regarded him indignantly.
  • It was, he felt, perhaps only because she was patrician to her finger-tips that she had so frankly greeted him.
  • Near it was the announcement of a spectacle at the theatre: the gift of a wealthy patrician for the amusement and gratification of the people.
  • Up to this date slavery had been the foundation of society, and any amelioration in the condition of women had applied only to the patrician class.
  • Places, too, had been reserved for the patrician women, near the bench of the judges and advocates.
  • Her arms below the elbows were uncovered, and her hands were small and finely formed, as patrician hands should be.
  • The genuine patrician world of trade held itself aloof from this tinsel society, or only accidentally came into contact with it.
  • Two tall clean-cut well-bred looking girls of our slim patrician type offered us material assistance.
  • The headgear of the patrician lady was a high diadem, while the bridegroom wore a silver wreath adorned with artificial flowers.
  • Cicero names for us the patrician who enjoyed the privilege of hearing Philodemus reason when he would.
  • One face was patrician and the other savage, but they were both old men who bore their years with wisdom and kept the salt of humor close at hand.
  • The Maryland aristocrat with his town place and his country place was indeed a parallel of the patrician at home.
  • The patrician bridegroom gave the bride a ring with precious stones, the latter presented the bridegroom with an embroidered silken kerchief.
  • She was tall and somewhat large of frame, with a quiet face that had something patrician in it, and reposeful brown eyes.
  • The voice held a note of sadness which touched the girl deeply, and she suddenly noted that the fine patrician face had aged.
  • Her voice was high, clear, cold as ice, with a patrician note which came from somewhere out of the past.
  • Then, seeing her panic-stricken women flying hither and thither like witless birds, her patrician blood asserted itself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Patrician | Patrician Sentence

  • It is thoroughly patrician in all its parts.
  • The patrician caste ruled in camp and court.
  • Just think of my patrician mother giving in, though.
  • And yet again, the patrician bearing, the aristocrat!
  • Society can do without patricians, but it cannot do without patrician virtues.
  • Her delicate, patrician face looked clear and pure in the fresh morning light.

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