Patronized in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Patronized

1. Kahele patronized me extensively. 🔊

2. These are patronized by thousands of young men. 🔊

3. They are well patronized by girls from the farm. 🔊

4. Some looked up to and patronized one, and some the other. 🔊

5. He patronized the Arts. 🔊

6. Charlemagne patronized this industry and helped to develop it. 🔊

7. This is the quarter most patronized by nursemaids and their charges. 🔊

8. It achieved such success that it was patronized by the general public. 🔊

9. Theatrical attractions at high prices were patronized abundantly. 🔊

10. Many foreign ambassadors patronized the square at various times. 🔊

11. He was an enthusiast in the science, and the best people patronized him. 🔊

12. She patronized me, as a little country-girl who knew nothing. 🔊

13. She patronized me once, long ago, when she was in better circumstances. 🔊

14. Gambling was the gaudiest, the best-paying, and the most patronized industry. 🔊

15. It was even said that these fellows were patronized by his Highness. 🔊

16. In Europe the pipe is patronized on account of its cheapness. 🔊

How to use Patronized in Sentences?

1. This has not always been understood by those who patronized her various schools. 🔊