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  • Kahele patronized me extensively.
  • Still others patronized us.
  • These are patronized by thousands of young men.
  • They are well patronized by girls from the farm.
  • Some looked up to and patronized one, and some the other.
  • He patronized fossils, and he patronized ruins.
  • He patronized the Arts.
  • The Herbert-Southampton family patronized him.
  • Charlemagne patronized this industry and helped to develop it.
  • This is the quarter most patronized by nursemaids and their charges.
  • It achieved such success that it was patronized by the general public.
  • Theatrical attractions at high prices were patronized abundantly.
  • Many foreign ambassadors patronized the square at various times.
  • He was an enthusiast in the science, and the best people patronized him.
  • She patronized me, as a little country-girl who knew nothing.
  • A few, who did not change the fashion of their garb, still patronized him.
  • She patronized me once, long ago, when she was in better circumstances.
  • Gambling was the gaudiest, the best-paying, and the most patronized industry.
  • It was even said that these fellows were patronized by his Highness.
  • In Europe the pipe is patronized on account of its cheapness.
  • It has always been the privilege of Art to be patronized by Wealth and Rank.

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  • This has not always been understood by those who patronized her various schools.
  • While he was the friend of literary men, he patronized those who were infidel in their creed.
  • I was accepted as an auxiliary and more or less patronized by Monsieur le Prefet.
  • Like a second Victor Hugo, he patronized the younger men with benevolent gesture.
  • According to Rajatarangini, Bhavabhuti was patronized by Yasovarma, king of Kanoja.
  • Yet there were summer resorts, and they were patronized by the best and most prominent citizens of the country.
  • It is well patronized by the young men of the state who intend to devote themselves to agriculture as a profession.
  • As industrial education developed, he founded and patronized institutions for agricultural education.
  • In token of their gratitude, the packers patronized his faro and roulette layouts and were mulcted cheerfully of their earnings.
  • Don Mateo had patronized them all, but his canvassing campaigns on their behalf did not prove successful.
  • Most of them were respectable; some of them even deemed themselves rather smart, and patronized him right Britishly.
  • Lily was kind to Honora, and gave her their addresses before they grew to be great and insolent and careless whether one patronized them or not.
  • Behind the public rooms was a row of cubicles patronized by men when on a quiet spree (women, too, it was whispered).
  • A group of liberal-minded women established this unique institution, which is well patronized by the superior class of domestic workers in Yonkers.
  • He thought that Alvarez at times had patronized him too much, had assumed too lofty an air, and he was willing to see him suffer mortification.
  • It was the "up-town market," patronized by the wealthy, who did their own marketing in those days, their black slaves carrying the purchases home.
  • We took our meals in the public room downstairs, together with the general public who patronized the hotel, Turkish officers for the most part.
  • Juniors and seniors patronized the place, but a freshman was not allowed there unless invited to accompany some of the regular frequenters of the place.
  • Whenever he went with his parents on motor trips or train journeys the family always stopped at hotels for their meals or patronized the dining-cars.

Definition of Patronized

simple past tense and past participle of patronize
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