Patted In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Patted | Patted Sentence

  • Father patted her hand.
  • Marjorie patted her on the arm.
  • Berta patted her on the head.
  • He patted her shoulder.
  • I patted her on the shoulder.
  • Soothingly he patted her hand.
  • Gusterson patted her hand.
  • Jones patted his chin.
  • He patted it and turned it over.
  • Sewell patted her on the shoulder.
  • With the other she patted his hair.
  • Shirley patted him gently.
  • Somebody patted her on the back.
  • Helena patted her hand.
  • She patted his cheek.
  • He stooped down and patted the dog.
  • She leaned over and patted him on the hand.
  • Rick patted the kitten in his pocket.
  • Maggie patted her hand very gently.
  • He patted his hand on the shavings.
  • Her mistress patted her on the shoulder.
  • Her pastor patted her hand.
  • She patted his shoulder encouragingly.
  • Dave patted the barrel of his weapon.
  • Pansy patted her gaunt steed.
  • He patted her head consolingly.
  • Graillot patted her hands tenderly.
  • He patted the key affectionately.
  • Boswellister patted the boy on the head.
  • Her brother patted her hand.
  • Caroline patted her bruised cheek.
  • Catherine turned and patted his cheek.
  • The hand patted him affectionately.
  • She patted her stomach and yawned.
  • She patted his arm soothingly.

How To Use Patted In A Sentence?

  • He patted her shoulder soothingly.
  • Then she bent down to me and patted my head.
  • He looked up and patted her hand.
  • He patted it affectionately and grinned.
  • Harrigan smiled and patted the dog.

Definition of Patted

simple past tense and past participle of pat
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