Paunch In A Sentence

How To Use Paunch In A Sentence?

  • Quenu was exhibiting his white paunch at the shop door when his wife came down.
  • The blemished larvae tell me of a paunch already or on the point of being invaded.
  • It remembered, compared, judged, reasoned: does the drowsily digesting paunch remember?
  • He lined his paunch from larder and chest, And was portly as Doctor Luther.
  • His small paunch distended with cakes and coffee and such delicacies as he'd been plied with.
  • In truth, the old clerk had a new livery, and his paunch protruded majestically beneath his tunic with silver buttons.
  • Indeed, the Eskimo do not wait for the animal heat to leave the carcass, as they eat the brains and paunch hot and smoking.
  • He was a little fellow in stature, had a hard round paunch that looked like an iron pot, and short, thick, dropsical legs.
  • But he was already blessed with a protruding paunch and had only a bunch of light hair on the top of his head, quite separate from that which still adorned his ears and the base of his skull.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Paunch | Paunch Sentence

  • His paunch was rounded significantly.
  • I filled my paunch of midnights with chicken soup.
  • Meanwhile, the paunch swells and the intestine labours.
  • Thus passing carelessly at the side that fat paunch was an easy mark.
  • He was a short, thick-set fellow, with a paunch like a sixty-four-gallon cask.

Definition of Paunch

To remove the internal organs of a ruminant, prior to eating. | The first compartment of the stomach of a ruminant, the rumen. | The belly of a human, especially a large, fat protruding one.
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