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  • Flight of the swan; a memory of Anna Pavlova, by Andre Oliveroff as told to John Gill.
  • One is not going to sacrifice the flowery grace of Genee, or Pavlova with her genius of the butterflies, because of the multitude of fools.
  • For the girl of my dreams came to her feet with just that lovely, controlled ease you see in Pavlova, and with the prettiest little gesture of welcome.
  • laughed when I asked her if she could ride, no wonder I had thought she moved like Pavlova.
  • She would have that waving bronze-gold hair that stands out in little separate, shining tendrils; eyes that startled you with their clear blue under dark, level eyebrows--I never look twice at a girl with arched brows--the rose-white, satin-smooth skin that goes with all of them, and she would move like----Well, you've seen Pavlova move!
  • I select but a few out of the many when I quote the actresses, Siddons, Rachel, La Duse, Sarah Bernhardt, Ellen Terry; the dancers, La Duncan, Pavlova, Genee; the literary women, the Brontes, Madame de Stael, George Eliot, Sappho, Christina Rossetti; among the more modern, May Sinclair and Lucas Malet.
  • "One sister, Sister Pavlova, is very nice--an aristocrat of correct views and a great satisfaction.
  • For she floated up, effortlessly, unconsciously, to the very tips of her toes, and stood so--like Pavlova! CHAPTER III DUDLEY'S MINE: AND DUDLEY'S GOLD

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  • - Marija Pavlova Teneva?
  • I had seen it already, when I thought she moved like Pavlova. "

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