Pawing In A Sentence

How To Use Pawing In A Sentence?

  • He was still dozing when he was aroused by the neighing and pawing of his horse.
  • Mryna was pawing through a footlocker looking for boots when she heard a hesitant step behind her.
  • She saw the three bulls pawing the ground by the roadside fence in the distance.
  • His dog was standing over the sprawled body, whining and pawing at it in distracted solicitude.
  • It was gazing at them in an uneasy fashion, sniffing the air, and pawing the ground restlessly.
  • Harrison was pawing his shoulder with a skinny, white hand, and making noises in his throat.
  • The dog barked excitedly, standing on his hind-legs, and pawing first at one and then at another.
  • From off his couch, and bade his charioteer Harness his pawing horses to the car.
  • The animal stood jerking his head, blowing and pawing the ground while Chiltern examined him.
  • There, full in the firelight, crouched a great, tawny lioness, roughly pawing the cubs.
  • A loud, clear voice, however, declined the invitation; the horses were heard pawing without.
  • After much pawing over ancient, worn and rusty weapons, Boyd was at last fitted out.
  • And then in a twinkling I heard on the roof The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
  • Sitting like statues on their sniffing, pawing ponies, a dozen Piute Indians encircled them.
  • I was alarmed to see Miss Warren run forward, since at the moment Dapple was pawing the air.
  • He had fearsomeness enough of his own to send him rearing and pawing the air until the whiffle-trees rapped his knees.
  • The habit horses have of pawing the ground is thought to be a survival of the ancient habit of pawing snow away from the grass.
  • He could hear his horse pawing the ground and the noise of the curb-chain mingling with the rippling sound of their kisses.
  • When at rest the foot is almost immediately pointed, and the pain at intervals manifested by pawing movements.
  • The fact that the challenges were bluffs made no difference to the pawing steers, for they were anxious to have things out with the rounder.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pawing | Pawing Sentence

  • He was not pawing the earth.
  • The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
  • The feet of the horse were pawing the air.
  • Did you ever see cattle pawing the ground?
  • Did you ever see horses pawing the ground?
  • Blindly he reared, pawing the air.
  • Then he continued backing, pawing the ground.
  • The bear was still pawing at the rope when they got back.
  • He went out, and we heard his horse pawing at the door.
  • The bear rose on its hind feet and began pawing the air.
  • Outside stood his faithful charger, pawing the ground.
  • They resemble a dog in a well, pawing to get free.
  • The unfailing sign of a coming storm is the pawing of the snow.
  • The roan colt interrupted this rhapsody by pawing impatiently at the ground.
  • The animals were impatiently pawing and whinnying, anxious to get the water.
  • Old Bots is pawing the earth and snorting his eagerness to help out.
  • Mort Bemis was idly pawing over a greasy deck of playing cards.
  • All was still save for Bess' occasional pawing near by.
  • If so, it came quickly unstuck, and the bull emerged, pawing and snorting.
  • Then, stooping and pawing in the dirt, Andy gave the sign for a high out.

Definition of Pawing

present participle of paw | The act of one who paws.
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