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  • An inhabitant of Glogova working for payment from Heaven!
  • We expected the full payment of peace stipulations in a year.
  • A similar objection may be raised to payment of wages by check.
  • It wouldn't be right for me to take payment for what you don't owe me.
  • With the payment of seven reals per year, you remain free of contributions.
  • The plates were obtained, finally, by the payment of a sum of money.
  • Advance paper to railways, etc., receivable in payment of taxes.
  • The payment of the taxes does not seem satisfactory, because only Rds.
  • I liked the gold very much, but I preferred the other payment more.
  • Of course, having received my payment beforehand, I consented.

How To Use Payment In A Sentence?

  • On payment of this we will deliver her over at a time and place to be specified later.
  • The repast over, their guest threw down eight pieces of money in payment for his share.
  • Just as I arrived a peasant was with him trying to be let off the payment of part of his tithe.
  • As usual payment secured the presence of a repentant Isuke, full of promises of amendment.
  • The next day, Switchblade Joe Bonney came in to make payment on a note we were holding on him.
  • He must have an arrangement made for the payment of the greater part of his wages to his family during his absence.
  • Some of the castes had besides requested to be exempted from the payment of these dues, and it is shown how this had been refused.
  • Occasionally he does his own cooking, in which case payment for lodging secures him the right to use the stove.
  • The account was charged with the receipts and upon payment the loan account was credited with the full amount paid.
  • He did not hesitate to delay the payment of a just claim in order that the appropriation might be kept within the limits that he had fixed.
  • They probably find it difficult to understand why payment of taxes should be mercilessly exacted upon them, while their allowances remain unpaid.
  • As in so many other instances long custom came gradually to obtain the force of legal enactment and the payment of tithe to become legally binding.
  • This, not on the ground that the claim ought not be paid, but for the reason that the payment at the time would disarrange the balance sheet.
  • Agents were sent to Algiers to ransom the captives and to obtain a treaty by presents and the payment of a fixed tribute.
  • Regular monthly meetings for the payment of dues and transaction of business are held on Sunday afternoon in the parish hall.
  • This was changed in the course of time by their having to contribute to the payment of the Adigar, which did not exceed one fanam for each person.
  • It was proposed there to allow private persons in Jaffnapatam to carry on a trade in cloth on the payment of 20 per cent.
  • To secure supplies, Congress was driven to authorize seizure and impressment of food and payment in certificates of indebtedness.
  • Beyond again, was the office where payment was made, each person having a note or ticket, with the article bought, showing the sum due.
  • The telegraph work was added in February, 1870, and the sale of revenue stamps and payment of stamps as money had also been added.
  • The provision regarding the payment of debts remained unfulfilled, since there was no mechanism provided in the treaty through which the article could be enforced.
  • In a building and loan association the money is put up at auction, usually in open meeting on the night or at the time of the payment of dues.
  • If you offer me a penny it's in part payment for a pound, while I say, and say again, that you don't owe me anything.
  • Slavery was to be abolished in the District of Columbia with the consent of Maryland and upon payment of the full value of the slaves emancipated.
  • Provided, that the payment of the fine notw^{th}standing, the said servant shall acknowledge his faulte publiquely in the Churche.
  • Your plan has worked admirably, and the drift is slowly from the coupon to the registered form, and so to an increase of the payment of interest by checks.
  • Upon payment of the fee, a licence will be issued for the performance to take place, and no performance may be given unless this licence has been obtained.
  • The payment of the public debt had not been a topic of discussion in his presence, but the people were disposed to pay such taxes as were imposed and they were struggling to get money for that purpose.
  • Perhaps, after all, as Harker astutely suggested, Lewiston would be satisfied with a partial payment and extend the rest of the note.
  • The subscriptions had been solicited upon a partial payment basis and these initial payments of five and ten percent were providing the money for the expenses of organization and careful survey.

Definition of Payment

(uncountable) The act of paying. | (countable) A sum of money paid in exchange for goods or services.
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