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  • On the payroll he is listed as Baptiste.
  • Three hundred ten people are on the payroll at the present writing.
  • They must go on the regular payroll as a part of the efficiency equipment.
  • Khouzhik promptly placed all of them on the payroll of his Management.
  • We have nine thousand, four hundred and twenty dollars in the payroll account.
  • The State Highway Engineer should furnish a payroll bond to cover.

How To Use Payroll In A Sentence?

  • The warrant when received, to be refunded to the payroll fund which would be kept intact.
  • On several force account jobs each invoice and payroll of the contractor has been carefully checked and verified before being paid.
  • It is recommended that a revolving payroll fund be created on which pay checks could be drawn and sent out immediately as requested.
  • The monthly payroll of the Zone is a stream of gold, and it is a case of losing that gold or cleaning up Panama.
  • If I go, another takes my place; it means nothing except taking one name off the payroll and putting another on.
  • Plodding Chinese and the skilled Japs are numbered by the thousands on the payroll of the Chicago merchant and manufacturer.
  • These could later be listed and the payroll voucher prepared in the usual manner in favor of the State Highway Engineer.
  • It employed more than fifteen hundred men and women, a great growth since 1870 when an early payroll of the store had shown but one hundred on its employment list.

Definition of Payroll

(transitive) To place on a payroll. | A list of employees who receive salary or wages, together with the amounts due to each. | The total sum of money paid to employees.
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