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  • The PB boats have a tandem engine mounting, for one thing.
  • Lead | Pb | 206.9 | 11.38 | 327 deg.
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  • Pb^{3}O^{4}. Behavior
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How To Use Pb In A Sentence?

  • Colors the flame blue beyond the assay, owing to the presence of Pb.
  • It is obtained as a by-product in the metallurgy of lead: PbS + Fe = FeS + Pb.
  • Bill loosened the chinstrap of his helmet, as a figure in a monkeysuit walked out on the lower wing section of the big PB boat, and waved.
  • Affords the characteristic Pb incrustation, and sometimes yields minute particles of Cu. (8) Special reactions.
  • From Islandia; history and description, by Jean Perrier and translated by John <pb id='366.png' /> Lang.
  • Exposed to the air it soon tarnishes, being covered with a grey matter, which some regard as a suboxide (Pb^{2}O), and others as simply a mixture of lead and protoxide.
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  • Singer machine 103W2, lock stitch, for sewing reeded or wired sweat leathers into stiff and soft felt <pb id='092.png' /> and straw hats, by Archibald Tregaskis.
  • Directly on his tail came Commander Thomson's PB-1, with the other four planes of the squadron bringing up the rear in V-formation.
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  • Forms a thick incrustation of zinc, sometimes also of [.Pb] and [.Co].
  • The sulphide is melted with scrap iron, when iron sulphide and metallic lead are formed; the liquid lead, being the heavier, sinks to the bottom of the vessel and can be drawn off: PbS + Fe = Pb + FeS. 2.
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