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  • Pd to the Bisshopp for Senage Money ...
  • BQ = PD .
  • Hebrew text in Article III. was corrected, thus: pl-mpm pd`h.
  • O 16.00 Palladium Pd
  • Pd for Senage and Proxage to the Bisshopp, ixd."
  • _ per pd.
  • From the figure, _PW : WQ = AP : QC = PD :
  • | Pd | 106.5 | 11.8 | PdO_{2} | PdCl_{4} | 1500 deg.

How To Use Pd In A Sentence?

  • Pd for a galland of beer given to the Beishopp of Hereford iiii'd" "1617.
  • Sept 23 pd Contribution at a Sermon 7.20 1802 April 7 Gave order on J Barnes for 50D charity in favor of the Revd Mr Parkinson towards a Baptist meeting house.
  • Our forefathers believed that the ringing of church bells had the effect of allaying storms; this is illustrated by an entry in the Spalding churchwardens' accounts:--"1519 It'm pd.
  • There is an entry in the churchwardens' accounts belonging to the church of St. Mary at Stamford:--"1709 Pd.
  • Pd for a quart of wine and sugar bestowed upon two preachers x'd" The status of students at the Universities was not so high in former days as at present, and poor scholars used to beg their way to Oxford and Cambridge, and receive the assistance of the charitable.
  • 1798 Feby 26 pd 5D in part of 20D Subscription for a hot-press bible 1801 June 25 Gave order on J Barnes for 25D towards fitting up a chapel.
  • It will be a surprise to those who have been educated to associate Mr. Jefferson's name with indifference, if not open hostility, to revealed religion, to find among his expenses--some entered as charity, but most of them, exclusive of what is reported under the charity rubric--entries like the following: 1792 Nov 27 Pd Mr B a Subscription for missionaries 15 D.
  • Now if L M cuts every path that is parallel to either of the extreme directions, P R or P S, it is obvious that it must also cut every path that is parallel to an intermediate direction, such as c c, but PL = PH/cos HPL = PD/cos 1/2 RPS; The consequence of which is that P L exceeds P D by one-sixth, one-half as much again, or twice as much again, according as R P S = 60 degrees, 90 degrees degrees, or 140 degrees.
  • From the following entry by Henslowe we learn that this worthy figured in a play: "Pd. unto Thomas Hewode, the 20th of september [1602], for the new adycions of _Cutting Dick_, the some of xxs."
  • | --------+-----------+-----------+-----------+-----------+ 6 |Cb=94 |Mo=96 | |Ru=101.7 | | | | |Rh=103 | | | | |Pd=106.5 | --------+-----------+-----------+-----------+-----------+ 7 | Sb=120.2| Te=127.6| I=126.97| | --------+-----------+-----------+-----------+-----------+
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