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  • Round them all was peace and declining sunshine.
  • To reconcile him, and make peace between them.
  • Just now there is peace in Transylvania.
  • And the time that is coming Peace will seal.
  • But peace had been dearly bought by the Government.
  • From this moment Ney knew no more peace of mind.
  • Reflects the Peace of Paradise.
  • I left Mr. Joseph in peace upon the wall.
  • We expected the full payment of peace stipulations in a year.
  • I will only leave you to judge if his Inclination to Peace is blameable.
  • I mean to ease you of your fear, That you may sleep in peace on either side.
  • But, say the Disaffected, we purchase Peace of all the World by our Money.
  • R. Henceforth, I hope, eternal peace shall be Betwixt us, Thais!
  • When the peace of my family is at stake, I think 'tis time for me to speak.

How To Use Peace In A Sentence?

  • Nothing but the interference of the peace officers restored some degree of order.
  • When he was able to rise again peace was assured and he resolved to become a lawyer.
  • It is not only best as a matter of principle, but it is the path to peace and honor.
  • Where could one find unalterable peace if it were not high above the ebb and flow of desire?
  • It seems the abode of peace and piety, but without the restraint and superstition of a convent.
  • An eternity of peace seemed to open out before us, but, as they say in novels, it was not to be.
  • Here he sent a last overture to the Indians, promising peace if they would lay down their arms.
  • Truly "the quiet ones," blessed with the peace of those who resign their wills to the will of God.
  • After nearly two years of anxiety, Eaton could write home that the prospects of peace were good.
  • Her end, after a peace soon to be dictated in Berlin, would manifestly be speedy and annihilating.
  • Wishing to please you, I had near destroy'd My daughter's peace and happiness forever.
  • Though England was at peace with Holland, Clive resolved to attack them without delay.
  • After the peace of Presburg Ney remained in Suabia until the rupture with Prussia.
  • And while she might merely have designs on his peace of mind, there were other possibilities involved.
  • How little peace had fallen to her lot, that she should prize the quiet and homeliness of her duties in our chambers!
  • Green uniformed soldiers of peace and plenty they seemed to me, bidding defiance to want and famine.
  • But outside everybody was either broke or in the hole, and so there was nothing but peace and amity and long-winded arguments.
  • What she was hoping for was that the answer would unriddle the riddle, and bring rest and peace to her perplexed little mind.
  • At this time public affairs were very much hampered by a feeling of indifference as well as an illusive notion that peace would soon follow.
  • We laid him down gently, folded his arms on his breast, and for a moment held our peace in tribute to his passing.
  • Why didn't she stay a while longer and see if these famous preservers of the peace wouldn't manage to gather in the men who killed her father?
  • At first no alarm was felt, for he was wondrous wise, and fond of secluding himself from men that he might study in peace and quietness.
  • The Indians disclaimed any hostile ideas, and it was settled that the terms of peace were to be arranged the next day.
  • He made overtures for peace to the czar, who refused to treat as long as an enemy remained on Russian soil.
  • I have said that sixty-six million Germans wanted peace and one million five hundred thousand demanded war.
  • But he thought the alarm idle; he felt the service to be irksome; and gladly retired from it at the peace of Amiens.

Definition of Peace

(neologism) To make peace; to put at peace; to be at peace. | (slang) To peace out. | A state of tranquility, quiet, and harmony; absence of violence. For instance, a state free from civil disturbance.
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