Peacefulness In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Peacefulness | Peacefulness Sentence

  • The peacefulness oppressed me.
  • The peacefulness of it was almost palpable.
  • But the seeming peacefulness was but a mask for danger.
  • He had never had this peacefulness of feeling for any woman.
  • The peacefulness and beauty of the scene seemed to affect him.
  • She stood for awhile, drinking in the beauty and the peacefulness of it all.
  • The peacefulness of the hour stole into his heart, and his brain calmed down.
  • Their silence was beautiful, their soft peacefulness suggestive of innocence.
  • A misty peacefulness of smoke and quietude brooded over the Station.

How To Use Peacefulness In A Sentence?

  • Her face had taken on an expression of such peacefulness as it had never worn before.
  • The most violent catastrophies had no effect upon the peacefulness of his slumbers.
  • It was an eerie peacefulness on the ground and he felt very ill-at-ease all by himself.
  • Wherever peacefulness is actually in favor as a sanctified means, war is unholy.
  • The voice of murder broke fearfully upon the peacefulness of the recently quiet midnight hour.
  • Though I work enormously, the peacefulness of the surroundings has its effect on the mind.
  • You assure them that the only manner in which you can be compared with that dove is in the general peacefulness of your intentions.
  • There seemed to be some accord between the singing of the brave old man and the peacefulness of the landscape.
  • It was filled with little farms, and all at once there came over me an extraordinary impression of peacefulness and rest.
  • Nature looked very beautiful, and the heart of the rustic even was touched by the sweet peacefulness of the scene.
  • For a moment she forgot all about the beauty and peacefulness of the night, and her thoughts turned to the lugubrious forebodings of the mate.
  • The rush of the water and the booming of the mill bring a dreamy deafness, which seems to heighten the peacefulness of the scene.
  • This change of arrangement, or rather the disquieting reason for the change, undoubtedly clouded the peacefulness of the occasion.
  • Above all, peacefulness had left those shores, a loss which made it impossible to give signs of life and social and religious increase.
  • The purity and peacefulness of Swiss press and politics are due to the national development of today as expressed in appropriate institutions.
  • Bart Stanton liked to walk along those quiet streets of an evening, just to let the placid peacefulness seep into him.
  • Such was my autumn day, which gave me a son, and carried off my uncle Lazare in the peacefulness of the twilight.
  • They stood around her bedside, not speaking, or sighing, or moaning; they were too much awed by the exquisite peacefulness of her look for that.
  • The peacefulness of the fields and flocks presents a striking contrast to the warlike preparations which are now being made for what must be the most decisive and bloody contest of the war.
  • The old man was thinking that while youth and its promise for the future was beautiful, the resignation and peacefulness of an accomplished life was far more beautiful.
  • Sometimes they bristled and glowered with anger amidst their crumpled leaves; at other times they spoke only of love and peacefulness as they smiled in their prim collars.
  • The peacefulness of the place, and the solemn grandeur of the mountains which soar above, and seem as if placed there to safeguard the seclusion, are all in harmony.
  • But, yielding all their hundred-fold, Shall shed a peacefulness around, Whose strengthening joy may not be told!
  • Had my suspicions not been lulled by the undisturbed peacefulness of the last few months, these open demonstrations of affection might have occasioned me some alarm, for they were not without a suggestion of remorse.
  • And slowly a vague peacefulness began to fall upon his heart under the gentle touch of his mother, and rising, he kissed her silently and went out to his work.
  • In the peacefulness of dealing with a submissive love that made her queenly, the royal, which plucked her from throne to footstool, seemed predatory and insolent.
  • Her eye was brighter and her step lighter, and the look of suffering she had lately worn was giving place to a look of patient even cheerful peacefulness that was good to see.

Definition of Peacefulness

The state of being peaceful.
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