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  • Hence one of the peaches falls to me.
  • It is like peaches and cream.
  • Never had peaches looked so tempting!
  • The peaches slid off the spoon.
  • These are much more delicious than peaches that are cooked.
  • Unripe peaches and apples possess this characteristic.
  • Bruised spots should be cut out of peaches and pears.
  • In the second row the peaches were already scarcer.
  • Or solid canned peaches may be used.
  • That shows that peaches are rather common in this country.
  • Let the peaches drain a minute, then peel.
  • The best peaches for drying are juicy free-stones.
  • The same situation existed with peaches 20 years ago.
  • But Peaches knew who had.
  • To every pound of the peaches allow a pound of loaf-sugar.
  • Still Peaches said nothing.
  • But Peaches did not say what was on his mind.
  • The perspiration of Peaches turned clammy.
  • But Peaches was either not talking or elsewhere.
  • Oh, most certainly Peaches knew who had.
  • Ain't the corn an' apples an' peaches our'n?
  • Thompson and Peaches Austin.
  • It was by these peaches that the date of the banquet was fixed.
  • We had five geographical races of peaches that were more or less distinct.
  • Raspberries and plums may be used in place of the peaches for variety.
  • The peaches were right before her; but she could not pluck them.
  • Take the ripest and most juicy free-stone peaches you can procure.
  • Dsi's and yet the peaches were given us.
  • After all, peaches are the best thing after waffles and coffee.
  • Doc Coffin was, and so was Honey Hoke and Peaches Austin.
  • Take fine juicy free-stone peaches and pare and quarter them.
  • Just as my host was serving the tinned peaches the telephone-bell jangled.
  • We found them in general use for bringing ripe peaches from the field.
  • The greater part of the peaches in the last row were already ripe.
  • When partly frozen crushed strawberries or peaches may be added in season.
  • Take away these off-color peaches and bring me something first class.

How To Use Peaches In A Sentence?

  • Her father emerged from the store with the bag of peaches dangling from his hand.
  • If the peaches are to be canned in sirup, put them at once into the sterilized jars.
  • Before the echo of the guns had died away my host was back to his tinned peaches again.
  • They were too fond of apricots and peaches and pears and raspberries, and all other nice fruits.

Definition of Peaches

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of peach | plural of peach
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