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  • She leaped up, pealing laughter.
  • And instant shouts the pealing valley fill.
  • The pealing of bells is lost in a drive of rain-drops.
  • Hark to the brazen clarion's pealing swell!
  • And the order went pealing down the line, "Ready!
  • Kathie's voice was like the softest of silver bells pealing on the frosty air.
  • The anthems pealing o'er their dust Through long cathedral aisles.

How To Use Pealing In A Sentence?

  • The sound was much more like the roar of a cannon than the joyful pealing of a church bell.
  • But a din of clattering hoofs, which drowned the pealing of the bells, struck him dumb.
  • The magic church is not far distant and from my room I can hear the merry pealing of the bells.
  • Where through the long-drawn aisle and fretted vault The pealing anthem swells the note of praise.
  • While pealing thunder the high concave rends, Rises more vast amid the rushing storm!
  • Rather would I see the Muse Clio pealing potatoes or Persephone busy with a banana cart!
  • Bending over the side of the skiff he again heard with singular distinctness the music of the bells pealing in weird beauty.
  • The pealing of bells passed through the air, imparting a quiver to the buzzing of the opening markets.
  • From the city in our rear we could already hear the pealing of the joy bells, the triumphant acclamation of the populace.
  • Priests in gorgeous dresses were chanting mass; music was pealing through the building, and incense was ascending to the roof.
  • It is, therefore, more than likely that the traditions of submersion have received the addition of pealing bells from natural causes.
  • The vesper hymn was pealing forth from the choir, and all the sisterhood, except herself, were singing.
  • It was not a mirthful laugh, it may be supposed, or harmonious, and it startled her as she heard it pealing into the silence.
  • They were nearing a village, and Scattergood heard the pealing of bells mingled with the roar of the wind in his ear.
  • It is worked up to a tremendous climax of tumult and terror, of pouring rain, flashing lightning, and pealing thunder.
  • The car halted before a house midway the block, and Willa was up the steps in a flash and pealing the bell.
  • The victorious regiments were returning from Hanover, under escort, and all the bands were pealing national airs.
  • The domestic fell upon his face like one stricken by death, the spectre vanished, and again the pealing thunder broke forth.
  • The moste prinsipal bizness ov the peopil waz pealing bark in the winter, and pitchin cents az soon az warm wether sot in.
  • The church rings to the pealing brass, thrilling violins, the men's deep voices....
  • The sad song still rises from the depths of the Rhine, but it is overpowered by the strains of the march, and pealing music from the castle.
  • They were so full of joy that they did not feel his touch, and his words when he spoke were swept right up into the song and the pealing of the joy-bells.
  • The afternoon service was pealing on and humming within the Abbey as Dolly and Robert walked slowly along the cloister.
  • When I reached the ground, a hymn, the words of which I could not distinguish, was pealing through the dim aisles of the forest.
  • There was a warning in the pealing discords that broke on the quiet air; there was a requiem in the notes that lingered like an echo, then murmured ominously to silence.
  • The whole community were assembled in the church, and each had a light beside them; the organ was pealing forth, and the congregation uplifted their voices in a hymn.
  • And as the town clock began the stroke of twelve the Presbyterian church-bell set up such a pealing and clanging as it had never before been heard to utter.

Definition of Pealing

present participle of peal | The sound made by bells as they peal.
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