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  • These tales were received with peals of laughter.
  • There were peals of laughter all around the table.
  • There were lightning-flashes and peals of distant thunder.
  • The song ceased amid peals of girlish laughter.
  • Clearly from within a wailing voice Peals piteously.
  • At this Godfrey could not restrain his peals of laughter.
  • Lightning flashed and terrific peals of thunder reverberated through the air.
  • He was greatly surprised to be greeted with loud peals of laughter.
  • The rest of the girls subsided on to the bank in peals of laughter.
  • There was an instant hush, followed by renewed peals of laughter.
  • Thus amidst peals of laughter was Jesus driven from the presence.
  • For in that somnolence what peals may come Must give her pause.
  • And all day long the booming bells Have rung their peals of joy.
  • Then she rejoined Malim, amid peals of laughter from both armies.
  • Terence and Cassidy exchanged glances, and burst into peals of laughter.
  • And after him lead his masterless steed, While peals the minute-gun.
  • The one on distant hills is ringing, The other peals within my soul.
  • To you, fifes squealing, bagpipes droning, drums beating, peals of glory.
  • Fresh peals of laughter resounded, while Padre Irene rubbed his nose.

How To Use Peals In A Sentence?

  • Crashes of lightning and peals of thunder seemed to flash and roll all about them.
  • He claps his wings in the peals of thunder, and its rumbling is the rustling of his pinions.
  • Her teeth were genuine and she cultivated what society novelists term silvery peals of laughter.
  • It was sultry; there were loud peals of thunder and long crooked flashes of lightning.
  • Certain dogs are thrown into paroxysms of fear by peals of thunder, and run into hiding.
  • Other flashes and peals succeeded, but slight in comparison, and a few drops of rain descended.
  • The fresh, shrill voices broke on the air, mingled with silvery peals of laughter.
  • If the bolts were not grasped in a glowing hand To be hurled in peals of thunder again?
  • The peals of laughter and loud talk certainly were very unlike the staid Puritans of New England.
  • Standing at the foot of the lone crags of the sea he would break into wild peals of laughter, or shriek out in rebellion against his sentence.
  • Few, moreover, have in the same degree the versatility which enables her to provoke peals of laughter and move almost to tears.
  • A roar like the concentration of half a dozen thunder peals tore the air, followed by the rumbling of falling masonry.
  • Merry peals of laughter come from one direction and another, telling of light and thoughtless hearts among the family groups.
  • When she unmasked, Selden left the ball in the midst of the peals of laughter from those who understood the joke.
  • Below, they could hear loud peals of profanity as the trailers, packers, and pilgrims pounded their dumb slaves over the trail.
  • The organ peals forth, the procession re-forms and follows to the door, first the bridemaids, next the ushers.
  • Presently, from out of the dark heavens, streamed liquid fire, and long peals of thunder rolled far away over the gloomy prairies.
  • The growling came to an end, the shuffling of feet stopped, and the men paused a moment to listen, and then burst into peals of laughter.
  • Now they were nothing to me, but as the peals changed to great crashes as of falling cities, I marveled to see my wife sleeping so quietly.
  • But all of a sudden: bing, bang, formidable blows with revolvers shook the wooden shutters, and resounded in the room like peals of thunder.
  • Saying this, amid broken peals of unearthly laughter, Jason reeled back into the room, and clashed the door after him.

Definition of Peals

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of peal | plural of peal
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