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How To Use Pearl In A Sentence?

  • Beauty shall be laid at the golden feet, but the pearl beyond price will be found and lost.
  • One day she gave up wearing her diamond cross, and appeared instead with a pretty pearl locket.
  • A pearl beside the shore, His darling picked him up, And on her necklet bore.
  • His heart had often stirred against fate that this pearl among young mistresses should have no intimate friend or lover now in her loneliness.
  • Her mother unfastened, with fingers that were at once gentle and nervous, the pearl buttons on the back of the dress.
  • The chief finished his repast, and then with his lance, turned over the image of the pearl beyond all price.
  • He was scrupulously well dressed, and a pearl in the center of his tie seemed to give him a touch of aristocratic opulence.
  • This, including what is required at the pearl fishery, amounts according to my calculation to no less than 12 casks.
  • Upon the renewal of the treaty the King ceded Pearl River Harbor to the United States.
  • I forgot to say that, besides the shells themselves, once in a while you can find a pearl of considerable value and great beauty.
  • Maria glanced at her very rich black attire, and a great pearl cross which gleamed at her throat, and she wondered a little about her.
  • Then Pearl confessed that all she had told them was false; and at once the necklace changed to its right size.
  • Then he staggered to the table like a drunken man, sank into a chair and bowed his head upon the gleaming pearl and crimson.
  • The inside of it is like mother of pearl and there are little swellings on it called 'blisters,' that gleam with all the colors of the rainbow.
  • They each wore a coat of butternut brown, mixed with olive green, and a vest pearl gray toward the throat and yellow lower down.
  • The procession arrived at the palace, and the pearl beyond all price was now his bride, and the heart of Youantee was oppressed with love.
  • May, however, wore two ornaments of considerable value: a pearl bracelet and brooch, which had arrived the previous evening.
  • As this vessel can be made to navigate the Manaar river, it is also used as a cruiser at the pearl banks, during the pearl fishery.
  • The Black Dragon had proved the foe to the celestial empire, for it had swallowed up the pearl beyond all price.
  • He was a plump little man, sleek and well-dressed, with black hair, very large pearl studs, black moustache and imperial.
  • Ideas of barbaric pearl and gold, glittering armour, plumes, tortures, blood-shedding, and lust, should always be connected with it.
  • One wore a pearl necklace; she had dark bright eyes, and Rhoda used to look at her, and think her like herself, and wonder.
  • Vast quantities of pearl oysters were brought to the surface, and these Mr. Gibney stewed personally in a great iron pot on the beach.
  • The sultan followed the ambassador's advice, and erected the castle of the King's Pearl on this lofty rock.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pearl | Pearl Sentence

  • It was a tiny gold brooch with a pearl in the centre.
  • I threw the pearl of my soul into a cup of wine.
  • At last Pearl was cured.
  • Next day Pearl went to school.
  • They were sorry for Pearl when they saw her weeping.
  • Couldn't keep him away from a pearl sale like this.
  • The word is applied to certain natives in authority at the pearl fisheries.
  • With regard to the pearl fishery, some changes will have to be made.
  • It was like finding a pearl in an oyster, hearing her at the piano.
  • Is not a dew-drop on a blade of grass more beautiful than a pearl set in gold?
  • The sheen of pearl push-buttons caught Grief's eye.
  • I wore a brown sweater vest with pearl buttons ... corduroy trousers ...
  • Lesbian episodes in a novel of women living in barracks at Pearl Harbor.
  • Yet I'm inclined to think I found my pearl in the oyster.
  • I thought if this is "the Pearl of the East," I have no wish to see the beads.
  • Rhoda's slim fingers clasp her pearl locket, which has come out again.

Definition of Pearl

(transitive, sometimes figuratively) To set or adorn with pearls, or with mother-of-pearl. | (transitive) To cause to resemble pearls in shape; to make into small round grains. | (transitive) To cause to resemble pearls in lustre or iridescence.
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