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  • Afterwards it was said that the tablets with the hens and eggs and bushels and pecks of grain.
  • All ten hens went for that egg in a convergent attack, and all ten pecks got home simultaneously.
  • I wish euery hiue, for a keeping swarme, to hold three pecks at least in measure.
  • He was a goodly king; He stole three pecks of barley-meal, To make a bag-pudding.
  • The geese came and ate the carrot with great pecks of their greedy beaks, and the enemies came into Eindhoven.
  • For this trick, however, the rough elf atoned by leaving three pecks of newly-gathered fruit in the kitchen the following morning.
  • Twice it seemed to me that the Zulu's pecks went home upon the giant's breast, but if so they did no harm.
  • No, it is not the bright little black and white bird like a small magpie which pecks around, that is a Whisky-Jack.
  • The boatman went off to fetch them one of the pecks of corn he gave the horses that towed his boat, buying it himself so as not to be cheated by the drivers in the price of fodder.
  • And even the religious and the philosophers are puzzled by the spectacle of the worm that writhes on the garden path while the robin pecks at it, triumphant in his fatness and praising the fine weather.
  • And here, even now, above my head, a lusty rogue doth sing; He pecks his swelling breast and neck, and trims his little wing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pecks | Pecks Sentence

  • He stole three pecks of barley-meal To make a bag-pudding.

Definition of Pecks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of peck | plural of peck
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