Peculiar In A Sentence

How To Use Peculiar In A Sentence?

  • And there was another peculiar thing about it.
  • And peculiar meant queer!
  • He smiled with peculiar bitterness.
  • Penton was in a peculiar shade of mind.
  • But he behaved in a most peculiar manner.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Peculiar | Peculiar Sentence

  • There was nothing peculiar in this.
  • It was a peculiar creation of his own.
  • Men are peculiar about their troubles.
  • That was the peculiar attraction.
  • It is a very peculiar position!
  • They have all such peculiar names.
  • And it has its own peculiar destiny.
  • But there is something peculiar about this.
  • Here was a peculiar situation.
  • Yet there was a peculiar honesty about him.
  • Fit and also peculiar to himself.
  • Their peculiar characteristics.
  • That is the peculiar interest of it.
  • What then is that peculiar mission?
  • What is peculiar in its structure?
  • Man is a peculiar animal.
  • Dumas is her peculiar favorite.
  • Courtlandt was peculiar in some respects.
  • Mine was a peculiar case.
  • What is peculiar to this organ?
  • He did this with the peculiar touch of the botanist.
  • Grace asked in a peculiar tone.
  • A peculiar but fascinating novel.
  • This is a peculiar feature of all his works.
  • I notice a peculiar smell.
  • Harboro was looking after him with peculiar intensity.
  • But these are not peculiar to the complicated machines.
  • He was brilliantly peculiar as a schoolboy.
  • Quite a peculiar style of beauty.
  • He seemed to have peculiar ways.
  • There was something peculiar about his warning.
  • A most peculiar experience befell me there.
  • Are there characters peculiar to each one?
  • My sensations are private and peculiar to myself.
  • That peculiar pursing was at his lips.

Definition of Peculiar

Out of the ordinary; odd; strange; unusual. | Common or usual for a certain place or circumstance; specific or particular. | (dated) One's own; belonging solely or especially to an individual; not shared or possessed by others.
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