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  • Thomas has acted peculiarly for me.
  • Its situation was peculiarly romantic.
  • May is a mere child: peculiarly childish for her age.
  • Her reply to that was peculiarly Bettyish.
  • But, after all, these are not matters of peculiarly individual interest.
  • The widow Gimcrack's letter is peculiarly racy.
  • The Durian, a peculiarly favourite fruit in several of the Eastern Islands.

How To Use Peculiarly In A Sentence?

  • Provisions were occasionally teamed in and were made up of peculiarly conglomerate lots.
  • He had once had an epileptic shipmate and was peculiarly expert in the handling of such cases.
  • Ploughboys and farm labourers have peculiarly favourable opportunities for egg poaching.
  • There was one regular patron to whom she was peculiarly anxious to remain incognita.
  • I peculiarly remember my sense of well-being and happiness during that short walk.
  • He had also a beautiful string of trout ready for our supper, taken in a way peculiarly his own.
  • Like the pelican "in her piety," it was peculiarly an emblem of our Saviour in His resurrection.
  • Its subterranean haunts and curious aptitudes for a life below the surface of the ground are peculiarly worthy of study.
  • The delicate and intricate machinery of the vocal apparatus renders it peculiarly susceptible to misuse or exposure.
  • It is generally only under such peculiarly painful circumstances that the unusual powers of our being can become visible and begin to operate.
  • Father halted once, looking irresolutely at me as a peculiarly heart-rending outburst came to our ears.
  • And what meant that peculiarly intent and slightly frowning glance which the painted eyes forever bent upon his own?
  • It is peculiarly hard on me to be a burden on any one, being accustomed rather to serve others than to be served by them.
  • Her hand and voice trembled with age, and there was something peculiarly striking in the thick snow-white eyebrows.
  • A peculiarly interesting class of visions are those to which great artists have, at times, owed their greatest triumphs.
  • Not unfrequently prophecies are apparently delivered by intermediate agents, angels, demons or peculiarly marked persons.
  • But the poet Cowper has made the hare's history peculiarly pleasing and familiar.
  • It later was discovered by Edison that carbon possesses a peculiarly great property of varying its resistance under pressure.
  • In a few cases remarkable incidents have produced a cure, such as the sudden clanking of chains, or a peculiarly fervent and impressive prayer.
  • There seems something peculiarly alluring to the masculine taste (as women of the oldest profession in the world are quite aware) about black.
  • We live in a peculiarly self- indulgent age, when men are exceedingly impatient of anything like a restraint upon their appetites and inclinations.
  • Our Arctic travellers have remarked, that it is a peculiarly cleanly animal, and its vigilance is extreme.
  • With a grace that was peculiarly her own in spite of the first unsteadiness, Molly had been able to skate to the Quadrangle.
  • The early habits of life of the Spanish friars, and their narrow horizon, quite peculiarly fit them to live among the natives.
  • It is then peculiarly difficult to value in terms of the new measure those articles with which one has been especially familiar under the old economy.
  • And, as fortune would have it, almost all of the new literary men were, as we have seen, peculiarly devoted to Caesar.
  • This fault in conversation is the most difficult of all to amend, and it is unfortunately the one to which those who strive to express themselves correctly are peculiarly liable.
  • He was a tall and stoutly-built man, of a decidedly military carriage; slightly bald, with a peculiarly searching eye, and thin decided lips.
  • Leben, which is peculiarly associated with Egypt, is a soured milk prepared from the milk of buffaloes, cows, or goats.
  • The relations between Brazil and the United States have almost always been peculiarly close and friendly.
  • If Aphrodite retains any traces of an elemental origin, they show chiefly in that part of her legend which is peculiarly Semitic in colour.
  • As he looked about him in perplexity, a peculiarly blinding flash showed him a little shack at the top of the hill he had been climbing when the storm had broken.
  • This author possesses the rare gift of portraying all the grotesque little joys and sorrows and scruples of this very small girl with a pathos that is peculiarly genuine and appealing.

Definition of Peculiarly

Such as to be greater than usual; particularly; exceptionally. | Such as to be strange or odd. | Strongly associated with.
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