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  • Each holds itself bound to aid its feebler churches in their pecuniary necessities.
  • There might and ought to be a pecuniary compromise; but a compromise of principle would be fatal.
  • It is, in fact, not pecuniary at all, but is the increased well-being of those whom she serves.
  • By considerable pecuniary sacrifices only could the sons of Israel enjoy tolerance.
  • The Scented Garden was chiefly a pecuniary one, and therefore almost entirely her own.
  • I am very fond of Mr. Dooley, and shall await his coming with affectionate and pecuniary interest.
  • All his hopes of extricating himself from his present pecuniary embarrassments were centred in his lordship.
  • But assuming this to be arranged, the pecuniary difficulty is the smallest which has to be encountered.
  • As these are bodies without souls, they can only be dealt with on the footing of pecuniary interest.
  • It was true, there was a prospect of some pecuniary emolument to be derived by remaining in either situation.
  • Complete and immediate emancipation is sometimes granted to a slave gratuitously, or for a future pecuniary compensation.
  • In the matter of finances the country henceforward would be a union and not a combination of seven contrary-minded pecuniary interests.
  • If you can make up two hundred a year between you, or less even, there is no pecuniary obstacle in my eyes.
  • The fact of his being sent to Salamanca would seem to disprove the supposition of pecuniary necessity.
  • Leaders in the European struggle came to these groups and obtained pecuniary support and political adherence.
  • He is generous and charitable as his admirable mother, and careless, even to a fault, of his pecuniary interests.
  • And, as their own belief in guineas is perfect, they readily, on all occasions, apply the pecuniary argument as final.
  • Whatever idea of pecuniary value enters into his thoughts as he works, will, in proportion to the distinctness of its presence, shorten his power.
  • No circumstance of domestic calamity, no pecuniary difficulty, not even a passing derangement of health, to account for the terrible event.
  • Yet Livingstone had a higher and nobler ambition than the mere pecuniary sum he would receive: he followed the dictates of duty.
  • It was, apart from the pecuniary relief that his coming had brought us, a great satisfaction to have old Joe again with us.
  • From which, as soon as the old and well-tried associations of his native State were dissolved, he suffered many pecuniary losses.
  • Indeed, looking at the matter merely from a pecuniary standpoint, he must have spent at least L20,000 of his own money in his various explorations.
  • But I again solved his pecuniary doubts by promising that, if he hurried his caravan on to Unyanyembe, he should have no cause of complaint.
  • But we are describing the past rather than the immediate present, for the scarcity of pecuniary means has put an end to nearly all such extravagances.
  • It must be added that he gave the strongest proof of his sincerity by never accepting from the public pecuniary compensation for the exhibition of peculiar powers.
  • We bespeak for him your hospitality, and such pecuniary contributions as you can afford, trusting that the latter may be sufficient to enable him to keep the field.
  • But exactly these aerial burdens, whether of gratitude or of honour, most oppressed me as being least tangible and incapable of pecuniary or other satisfaction.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pecuniary | Pecuniary Sentence

  • Any pecuniary means are justifiable by the end.
  • Somehow the security had never involved pecuniary outlay.
  • This pecuniary strain had a marked effect upon him.
  • See Pecuniary claims.
  • Up to his arrival I was not aware of any pecuniary aid.
  • Personal Injuries, pecuniary compensation for, 276.
  • It was owing to pecuniary difficulties that he became connected with him.
  • In the latter portion of his life he was in easy pecuniary circumstances.
  • It extended the pecuniary claims convention for an indefinite period.
  • The chief advantage was in almost every case admitted to be a pecuniary one.
  • We look for no indemnities, no annexations, and no pecuniary rewards.
  • The pecuniary wealth, the valuables and pictures of Mazarin, were immense.

Definition of Pecuniary

Of, or relating to, money; monetary, financial.
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