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  • And peddle the word that no rough stuff goes here.
  • Dick Larrabee used to peddle meat them days.
  • Denny's going to peddle it out for me at backdoors.
  • I won't peddle my troubles to strangers.
  • You can't peddle those papers either.
  • I don't peddle club gossip as a rule, but this is to good to keep.

How To Use Peddle In A Sentence?

  • Other boats peddle firewood, cut short and bound in little bundles, and sticks of charcoal.
  • If Hapgood knows, if he is going to peddle what he knows, you might as well know too!
  • Vainly Corbin tried to peddle this road either to the Pennsylvania or to the Vanderbilts.
  • You're hired to keep books and peddle wangan stuff according to the prices marked!
  • The drovers set out with a large number, and peddle them along the road till they arrive at Brighton with the remainder.
  • He would bundle a few pairs of socks under his arm and peddle them as he wandered through the streets and bázárs, and thieves would rob him of his merchandise.

Definition of Peddle

To sell things, especially door to door or in insignificant quantities. | To sell illegal narcotics. | (derogatory, figuratively) To spread or cause to spread.
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