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  • He put woman on a pedestal and kept her there.
  • A pedestal may be a very unreal thing.
  • Its pedestal and bowl are traced with symbolic carvings.
  • Such principles do not reach to the pedestal of a great man.
  • That illustrious king stood on a pedestal of his own before all the nation.
  • Every one helped to raise the imaginary pedestal on which he had set himself.
  • The buttressed pedestal of one of the buildings loomed directly ahead.
  • The pedestal she had used for her two new heroes, seemed shaking dangerously.
  • On the Master's pedestal is a skull and lighted taper.
  • To produce the appearance of a Spectre on a Pedestal in the middle of a Table.
  • Let it be fixed to the pedestal P, at the usual height of a man's head.
  • Wanted--a Pedestal 245 XII.

How To Use Pedestal In A Sentence?

  • On what appears to be a pedestal at each corner is a seated figure representing a statue.
  • Let this box be supported by a pedestal of the same metal, and on which there is a little door.
  • Probably this pedestal rests on a platform, like the platform of a large scale.
  • As I leaned there a sudden movement on the other side of the pedestal compelled my attention.
  • Wilson was the only hero of my boy days, and I never displaced him from the pedestal since.
  • I may be wrong, but I cannot think that it is wise to put any poodle upon such a pedestal as that.
  • Some met their end by crashing into the submerged pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.
  • He leant against the pedestal of Ilissus and remembered their talk about the Spirit of Life.
  • He managed to rise and lean against the pedestal of the statue, and its shade by this time protected him.
  • The size of the statue may be calculated from the foot rule which lies across the pedestal in the picture.
  • And loving her, he set her high upon a pedestal and entered the lists with all the ardor of his being.
  • But in a few moments the old man sat down on the pedestal of the sun-dial, and his head drooped on his breast.
  • They are the pedestal upon which the fame of this gentle, charitable, and quaint genius will ever rest.
  • The finer love that had come to him was shrinking and fearful, set its object on a pedestal to which it hardly dared to raise its eyes.
  • He kneels at the pedestal of a rich shrine, and I didn't inquire about the statue.
  • It will be of bronze, eight feet high, and placed on a pedestal of the same metal, ornamented with bas-reliefs.
  • When, as with the rest of his company, his face was blackened, it looked like a specimen coal on a pedestal in a museum.
  • It was set on a pedestal on which was inscribed the name of Scipio, and became one of the most notable sights of the island.
  • It was Ned who spoke, and he addressed his chum, who was closely examining the pedestal of the fallen golden statue.
  • There is a bust of Monge placed on a terminal pedestal underneath a canopy in the upper compartment, which canopy is open in front and in the back.
  • He lay and leaned, half-kneeling and half-standing, with his eyes turned toward the long stream of light, on the pedestal of the pyramid.
  • Near to the stove is a rice mortar standing on its own wooden pedestal which reaches to the ground (Fig. 10).
  • On a pedestal is a bust of that gallant Admiral, with a fine figure of Fame crowning him with laurels.
  • He would have been more than mortal had he renounced his pedestal and he was far too humane for the cruelty of depriving her of the stimulating happiness he had brought into her lonely life.
  • It seemed so eminently fitting that the two people in the world whom she had invested with halos, should stand together on the same pedestal in her affections.
  • The bronze catamount which still grins defiance toward New York from the top of its tall pedestal makes that day seem yesterday!
  • It stands in front of the palace, in the most conspicuous part of the regal gardens, and there are hundreds of people about the pedestal at all hours of the day.
  • Upon a pedestal of black marble stood an exquisite little statuette of a Neapolitan dancing-woman, undoubtedly the work of some Italian master.

Definition of Pedestal

To set or support on (or as if on) a pedestal. | (architecture) The base or foot of a column, statue, vase, lamp. | (figuratively) A place of reverence or honor.
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