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  • The pedlar was not going to be inactive.
  • The pedlar had now sunk up to his waist.
  • The pedlar looked disappointed.
  • The pedlar was the first to break the silence.
  • The pedlar was very much delighted to hear this.
  • The pedlar laid his half-open pack on the grass.
  • Mr. Pedlar hesitated.
  • Once only have I met a pedlar afoot.
  • The strange pedlar laughed and, rising, closed his pack.
  • The Pedlar and his Dog.
  • Now this pedlar was the fairy's enemy.
  • The immovable pedlar was by no means put out of countenance by this discovery.
  • And he look'd like a pedlar just opening his pack.
  • So the two dogs stood staring at him; but the pedlar was too cunning for them.
  • Had the pedlar given me the money he owed, I should not now be beaten thus.
  • One of your German pedlar friends at Grogan's?
  • Mr. Stigler had sold it that afternoon to a pedlar living at Scarby.

How To Use Pedlar In A Sentence?

  • Why, it is said to be that of a pedlar who was murdered here over a hundred years ago.
  • So the beadle did as he was told, and the pedlar was locked up for many days in the prison.
  • In one of these bad men the two recognised the pedlar who had sold the magic powder.
  • Fina often wondered afterwards whether that pedlar was a real pedlar or a magician in disguise.
  • Babette could hear the pedlar moving backwards and forwards with uncertain, tired footsteps.
  • No one knew what he had been formerly; a pedlar said some, a banker at Routot according to others.
  • The pedlar turned his terrified, cowardly eyes upon Hulda, and sank lower and lower.
  • Babette wondered if it was the one her friend the pedlar was to occupy, but she was not long left in doubt.
  • And he met that pedlar and bought the pagoda off him for two pounds and a highly-coloured cockatoo he was bringing home.
  • And at that moment he was aware of a ragged pedlar coming along the forest glades, and whistling as he came.
  • The pedlar no sooner heard Hulda boldly demand her rights than he fell on his knees and began to cry for mercy.
  • Its owner, a thin pedlar with a hawk nose and mouse-like eyes, bent and lame, was putting in it his little nag, lame like himself.
  • There was no trace of the pedlar about him now, and his English was the best spoken in the Old Country.
  • She looked at the beautiful bracelet, and wished she had not parted with the wand for it, for she now began to fear that the pedlar had deceived her.
  • No Europeans and no women of the upper classes can enjoy the delights of shopping in Persia, consequently the pedlar is a necessary institution.
  • Of course Nur Mahomed never guessed that the supposed pedlar happened to have been the king himself, although nobody knew it.
  • Her father had gone to bed supperless one night because the money for that knot of red ribbon on her bosom had been paid to a pedlar who cajoled her into the purchase.
  • I admired the trinkets as I gave them back to the lady, and I hinted that the pedlar must be a somewhat foolish specimen of his class.
  • The pedlar had tucked his feet under him, and when the people cried out to him to let the rings on his hand be seen, he had already burrowed with them up to his knees in the earth.
  • The pedlar was so transported at the sight of it that he could scarcely conceal his joy; but he knew that unless he could get it by fair means it would be of no use to him.
  • There were the great footmarks made by the pedlar down the steep sides of the pit; and at the bottom she saw him sitting in the mud, digging a hole with his hands.
  • On this the pedlar began to complain of the hedge-sparrow, and the hedge-sparrow of the raven, and the raven of the donkey, and the donkey of the pedlar.
  • A few days later, the pedlar having moved on, two men appeared in the village inquiring who it was who had threatened to ill-treat and to murder an innocent pedlar.

Definition of Pedlar

(Britain) Alternative spelling of peddler
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